Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Last day in Seoul

So I finish packing late, veryyyyyyyy late! maybe around 2am ... maybe 3am... not sure... anyway my brain shut off at midnight... lol and I'm writing this post like 1 month after so...

anyway, got up at 7am since I had to meet 2 girls for breakfast at 8:30 ( eating a subs can be breakfast eheh )

Holy shit I forgot how pack subway can be early in te morning!!! XD

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The day I met a angel...

So right after the musical I was going nuts on Twitter about it and well I decide it could be nice to bring some flowers to Junsu's mom since it was because of her if you had ticket... ( kind of )

Jump in my bed laterrrrrrrr for my last day in Korea...

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Since I'm a good girl... ( ask Duddley! eheheh I'm a niceeeeeeeee goodddddd girl lol ) ... I'll write something about Elisabeth right now and if I have time tonight ( well later ) I'll write about THE day I saw my angel lol

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

last weekend and ELISABETH!!!!

No pics here sorry...

If you read the post before... my laptop is crazy anyway I didn't took pics of the musical lol and anyway just go see the link in the other post... I took maybe 3 or 4 pics but it's nahhh lol just funny weird pics lol

anyway... Since Junsu's mother told Ash last week to go see if we can get a ticket saturday at 4PM we decide to try for it.... Ash saw the ticket thing was open at 9am so... here we are at 9am in a empty building... lol well except all the cleaning ladies... lol we can of found out that the ticket was on sale 2hrs before the show XD and maybe the 9am was for the building... but since Elisabeth was at 2pm that day... we wait =D

and took pics with Junsu... ( go see the link at the end of my album lol )

and wait again... mouahahah and laugh and do what 2 silly girls do... laugh again... lol

at noon TADAAAAA lol someone show up... so Ash explain to the girl everything and blah blah blah... the girl look in her computer to found out that 1 ticket was on sale cause someoe cancel for sunday night... I told her to take it! I was sad cause no ticket for Junsu and I was crazy about it BUT better to know that a friend saw it right? and I didn't had enough money anyway =D so she took the ticket... lol before we left... I ask the girl if I could have a ticket... cause those ticket are print with the name elisabeth in the background... it's not the same but close right? LOL  but the girl probably saw I was still sad about it cause she look again and... said she had another ticket available... I lost it! lol going nuts and everything! LOL


So for the rest of the day it was 2 hyper crazy happy girls! LOL we went again at timeout. lol and Regina join us =D She's from Peru and so super nice =D we left for Crebeau belle just to let Junsu's mother that we got tickets for the musical but she wasn't there.^^ She was in Japan for Junho first concert =D but the girls there told us Junsu's father should be there tomorrow night^^

We went to Ash guesthouse and then taco bell=D damn taco bell in Korea are the best! LOL between Taco bell in Korea and Taco bell in USA... Korean one are better=D

We went shopping^^ well Ash was shopping I was just following her around lol but damn it was cold outside.=D

then... night before the sunday Elisabeth lol in another post... lol

Holy shit!

I'm so freaking sorry.... didn't know my last post was like almost 1 week before I leave Seoul...

Now I understand why I have people pushing me to write something! lol I'll do it fast cause I know THE post peoples want to know is Elisabeth... oh and maybe the one about me seeing Junsu ? lol

I actually don't remember the date and everything but I do remember the order so... be nice with me if I only have time to post my day at the zoo... lol

Monday, March 26, 2012

Ok I'm tired but I don't want have to do this tomorrow since well I'll have to write about that day... lol

Today I was thinking about going at the zoo but got up to late so... I went to 63 building instead!^^

It took a long time actually XD 30 min =D and I walkkkkkkkkkk thanks god my ipod was full charged.^^ in 63 building... ( now I know why they are calling that golden building... ) I start with the wax museum... they said something about kpop celebrity... bullshit! LOL well Korean wave stars... it's should be kpop right? lol anyway it wasn't.

Bukchon Hanok village

yesterday... yesterday was nice... still cold but no snow this time!  lol we start at Myeong-dong station cause around it's full of shop... and Jaejoong's sister studio is not to far. we stop in a little restaurant for lunch and since it was only 11:30... nobody was there! lol rahhh the whole restaurant for us =D of course you can't go in South Korea without trying a local dish right?^^ So since Ashley know good food... we ate Bulgogi.^^

OH MY GOD!!! it's so good!!! it's crazy how good it is!^^ messy but freaking good! lol of course Ashley is use to it so everything in front of her was clean... but my side... messy! LOL juice was dripping on the table... still don't know how she made it until the end without a single drop on her side... =.=''