Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'm late! So late! I'm so sorry!

One month later I finally put the two last post for my vacation in Japan... I'm so sorry...

Good thing everything is already in my little book. The next post gonna be all the picture for this 2 days missing...

so...get ready for sunday and monday on my last day in Japan.

Rah, I know, I didn't write nothing since saturday! Sorry!

So sunday morning we leave early ( bah maybe not that early but anyway ) we decide to go see the Imperial garden. We knew the Palace was closed but maybe we could have a chance to see it. I was happy to see the garden because... that the Imperial Palace so damn the garden should be beautiful right ?

So in the train, Aline's feet start to hurt again... So she decide to leave after the park. Since we had to walk a long way for the Tokyodome, it was a good thing for her. I felt bad for her because of her feet, she miss thing. She still had picture from Vicky and I but it's not the same.

So we got out the train and found out we had to walk again... poor Aline!

The fountain in front of the garden was really pretty. It was probably the best thing ! We walk like for nothing. Some building was nice but all the gate was closed and they had like four guard in front of each door! Nah the fountain wasn't the only good thing... The guy who was with the troops was cute too. He look really yough but still cute. Perfect for Aline who like young Japanese guys! AHAH

So after we walk everywhere, Aline decided to go back a the Ryokan. So after she left, it was like are we going at the tokyodome now ? But I saw the bridge and since I know it was impossible for the garden to be that small ( On the map it's huge ! ) so we decided to take a look there.

Good thing we did! That's beautiful. I learn thing about the Edo period and I already lost half of it... ( Don't take to much for me... I forgot everything... maybe that's why I wasn't that good at school! lol ) But one thing I remember... three houseguard remind and the principale is still there too ! Oh and the big tower... Bah the one who look like a little hill took maybe five years ( not sure... ahah damn memory! ) to be done and get destroy by fire nineteen years later! They never built it back... maybe because it's take too long! lol

Oh and the Palace... like in front the emperor meet public and he live in the middle ( I though the Palace was a big huge building like we see in movie... but it's all kind of building ... ) and in the back, his wife, childrens and the female staff stay there.

So after the walk in the garden, we really left for the Tokyodome.

The only reason why I was happy about the Tokyodome it's because Junho was doing his first showcase there. And bah, Junsu was there too! Junho was there at 1PM and 5PM ( Junsu was there for the later one ) it took us a long time before getting there. We walk a lot!

When we saw the rollercoaster, we knew it was close. We finally reach our destination. Damn that place is big! We decided to walk around. The are so much thing to see. We ate takoyaki again... It's so good. Those takoyaki was the best. Vicky buy another CD in the shopping mall there. they had paper we can fill for Junsu single... I almost did it! ( Since I'm back home, I'm upset about something... yes DBSK single and album there is little but expensive but since I still have 2 500YEN with me... I should buy one... XD )

I was crazy about the rollercoaster Vicky wasn't... when she finally change her mind, we look the price... 1 000Yen... I didn't want spend that much money so we left ( again with the money I still have since my vacation... I should use it for that too... ) I'm sure Vicky was happy... AHAH

Around 5PM we walk back where Junho had is Showcase. That's funny but we saw more women in their 40s waiting to get in. Actually I didn't see to much girl around 20s.

We wait next to the press entry. Don't know maybe one of them was gonna ask us to bring his camera or his laptop. bah... we are not that lucky.

I ask the security what they gonna do with the CD in the box. I had to talk slowly so he can understand me. Vicky told me before, she can't understand when I talk to fast in english. So finally after talking with him and moving my hands, I finally got my answer... no ticket... no CD.

They are not for sell...

One lady was there with a CD in her hand. She was in the press section. I ask her if I can see the CD... At first she wasn't sure but I look like a angel right ? Se she let me see it. Gosh I shouldn't do that... I want this CD so bad!

So when everybody was inside and us... well outside ( lol ) we saw they still had a lot of paper ( they give a paper and a CD... don't know what's on the paper but Junho picture was there... lol ) left and well... we decided we can ask them to have one right ? They can't use them for the next showcase since it's write in Japanese. Ask one security but his english was really bad... so he ask another one who was better in english... she couldn't understand so she ask another one... ( I love that about Japanese people... they try so hard to understand us...^^ ) I almost got my paper but another one show up... ( I guess he was maybe little bit more a security chef anyway... they paid him more lol ) so he said no. No ticket... No paper... T_T

So we wait little bit longer... and we left... we ate at the mcdonalds again... HEY one thing bad about that... We thought we could take picture of a japanese big mac or maybe me paper so we can show people we ate there... all the food and paper look likes normal mcdonalds... it's suck!! lol

So we get back at the train station. ready for going back at the ryokan. maybe at three station down we stop and had to get out. We thought maybe the train was broke or something like that so we wait for the next one... but everybody get out too... they explain the reason but we don't understand Japanese... so I was one girl if she talk english, she said little bit but she explain the reason... accident ... the next train was at 9PM... it was 8:15... first we wait but damn, it wasn't that far so we ask the little security and he look the map and everything. it's gonna take us maybe 30min. So he told us to turn right and keep walking and we gonna be at the right station. We walk and walk and... walk again... 20 min later whe saw a bridge but... we didn't saw a bridge before and since we use this train line since two weeks... we knew we miss something... lol

ask one cyclist there... good thing his english was perfect so he help us and since he wasn't sure, he ask a policeman the direction. So we got back on the right direction. at the train station... surprise... not the same line... Since this train station was like not to far from the one we had to get out... so maybe we can walk there... at the grocery store we ask direction. three young Japanese ( maybe not that young since they are around our age lol ) help us... they had so much fun! lol One lady was helping us cause the three other one wasn't really talking in english... lol They explain to us how to get at the right station. We still ask the other station and they told us it was impossible to walk there cause it's to far. So bah... I was tired and hungry again... so we took that train get out at the last station, jump in another train and this time... our station! lol

We had fun that day! lol