Friday, March 26, 2010

Welcome in Hell

Yeah I know... its said: 2 Weeks in heaven but I'm not going in Japan until april 5 so right now I'm in hell! lol

I have so many blog everywhere... the last one was on wordpress... but Since I decided I love blogspot... bah I create one here and I'm gonna forget about the other one... like I did with all the blog I created before... X_X

I was suppose to bring my laptop with me in Japan so I can write here everyday but I change my mine... but I'll try anyway to write everyday... lol Especially if I see sexy Korean guys... eheh

So... I'm going in Japan soon... first it's was Korea because I just freaking love their music but well... I don't really know nothing about this country except their music so... and since DBSK ( my fav group lol ) is all the time in Japan and I know more about Japan... well... Japan here I go! lol
stupid thing!

I'll try again and if nothing work... bye bye blogspot! lol