Monday, March 26, 2012

Ok I'm tired but I don't want have to do this tomorrow since well I'll have to write about that day... lol

Today I was thinking about going at the zoo but got up to late so... I went to 63 building instead!^^

It took a long time actually XD 30 min =D and I walkkkkkkkkkk thanks god my ipod was full charged.^^ in 63 building... ( now I know why they are calling that golden building... ) I start with the wax museum... they said something about kpop celebrity... bullshit! LOL well Korean wave stars... it's should be kpop right? lol anyway it wasn't.

Bukchon Hanok village

yesterday... yesterday was nice... still cold but no snow this time!  lol we start at Myeong-dong station cause around it's full of shop... and Jaejoong's sister studio is not to far. we stop in a little restaurant for lunch and since it was only 11:30... nobody was there! lol rahhh the whole restaurant for us =D of course you can't go in South Korea without trying a local dish right?^^ So since Ashley know good food... we ate Bulgogi.^^

OH MY GOD!!! it's so good!!! it's crazy how good it is!^^ messy but freaking good! lol of course Ashley is use to it so everything in front of her was clean... but my side... messy! LOL juice was dripping on the table... still don't know how she made it until the end without a single drop on her side... =.=''

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bum's story

tadaaa me again... it's almost 1AM so I'll do it quick...

So like I said in my other post... we went to bum's story. Actually it's close to MicKiss and Crebeau Belle. When you bought stuff at Yoochun place, you have a old ''business card'' but since we ask his aunt about Bum's story she gave us the new card and on this card, you have a plan of their shop and on that little map you have bum's story on it.

Anyway , I took pictures so it's more easy to explain... but I took the pics when I came back from the restaurant so the angle is not the same... XD

So... if you are in the subway you have to get off at Gangnam-gu office on Line 7. Exit 2 brings you right in front of MicKiss and Crebeau belle building. If you take exit 3, you are in the other side of the street which is nice cause you don't have to cross the street... just keep going straight and it's bring you at Bum's story.


So I'm gonna write it right now right here... I won't post pictures of Bum's story here... I told someone else I'll write about it especially the direction to get there so I'll do it in another post... after this one... and anyway we can't really take pictures inside Crebeau Jeff ( Jaejoong ) MicKiss ( Yoochun ) and Crebeau Belle ( Junsu )

Well for Junsu you can take a pics of Bakira, Leo and Tigger but without flash and you can be there for only 10min cause it's to much stress... they way I saw them sleeping... don't think it's to much stress for them lol but everywhere on internet there is pics of them so... didn't took any.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

First day

Don’t know if I can call it my first day in Korea since I was there at 9PM but… anyway… Here I am in South Korea now.

No pics on this post cause I have no pics to show… in the next one I’ll take pic of my tiny room but not now. anyway I just got up and don’t feel like taking picture right now lol

Right now I’ll take a shower and run for a pharmacy for my cold so I’ll make it fast on this post.

Friday, March 9, 2012


I was playing with my blog for like the last hour trying to do something new and funny... it's ugly like hell!!!

I don't like pink and baby blue and it's those 2 colors XD someone must hate me XD

and damn where is the little thing for the ''read more'' thing XD

I think I'll be tired soon and switch everything on livejournal XD