Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bum's story

tadaaa me again... it's almost 1AM so I'll do it quick...

So like I said in my other post... we went to bum's story. Actually it's close to MicKiss and Crebeau Belle. When you bought stuff at Yoochun place, you have a old ''business card'' but since we ask his aunt about Bum's story she gave us the new card and on this card, you have a plan of their shop and on that little map you have bum's story on it.

Anyway , I took pictures so it's more easy to explain... but I took the pics when I came back from the restaurant so the angle is not the same... XD

So... if you are in the subway you have to get off at Gangnam-gu office on Line 7. Exit 2 brings you right in front of MicKiss and Crebeau belle building. If you take exit 3, you are in the other side of the street which is nice cause you don't have to cross the street... just keep going straight and it's bring you at Bum's story.

Don't look my crappy picture please... anyway that's the view on the other side of the street ( if you saw my post before, it's MicKiss and Crebeau Belle building. So let's start there...

with those 2 building behind you, just go down the street, it's like a hill so you going downnn lol it's around 4 lights... then you'll see this :

The coffee bean... but don't forget it's not the right angle that picture was took... so when you see this, you just turn on your left side and keep going straight again. Then not to long after turning left, you'll see this shop at the corner :

you can't miss it ! lol turn right and BANG

It's like the first thing you'll see when you gonna turn right!^^ If you get lost... sorry if my direction was unclear... or that's mean you can't read direction! LOL

in the dark that picture is ugly so... for a better view outside, inside, and everything else lol

Well... first it's full... at night... it's open at 6pm if I can read right on their website. They take your phone number when you have to wait so they just call you when your table is ready. We wait outside... freezing actually outside when when went there... anyway... only one restroom... both men/women... very small... no toilet paper ... lol... and it's outside the restaurant... bad point actually...

it's small but cozy... JYJ musics of course!^^ the menu doesn't have to many choice of food... maybe 20 meals... not sure but it's only one page... that's for sure! lol but you have like 4 pages of drink!^^ the less expensive meal is around 8 000 Won and the most expensive is I believe 20 000 $ it's write in Korean, Japanese and english so you know what you gonna eat... try the seafood soup... it's really good... they made a mistake on their menu... soup became soop... lol anyway like it's said on their menu... it's temporarily or something like that... so I believe that their menu gonna change soon... like probably more choice....

anyway... i'm dead tired... so... that's it for tonight... oh and yes yesterday I went to Time Out Gelato and it was freaking good! lol

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