Monday, March 26, 2012

Bukchon Hanok village

yesterday... yesterday was nice... still cold but no snow this time!  lol we start at Myeong-dong station cause around it's full of shop... and Jaejoong's sister studio is not to far. we stop in a little restaurant for lunch and since it was only 11:30... nobody was there! lol rahhh the whole restaurant for us =D of course you can't go in South Korea without trying a local dish right?^^ So since Ashley know good food... we ate Bulgogi.^^

OH MY GOD!!! it's so good!!! it's crazy how good it is!^^ messy but freaking good! lol of course Ashley is use to it so everything in front of her was clean... but my side... messy! LOL juice was dripping on the table... still don't know how she made it until the end without a single drop on her side... =.=''

the white stuff on top it's mushroom =D roh and they had rice noddle... looks like big transparent worm... it's so good! LOL

Then they bring side dish...

that salad ( around maybe 4 or 5 kind of leafs ) are use to put everything in it before you eat... don't know how Korean people can get everything in their mouth in 1 try... I have a big mouth but something it was hard... lol the dish next to the salad was made with anchovy...and I like it...O_o

anyway... you take that little leaf, put everything in it... wrap it up... and push everything in your mouth... lol kimchi was freaking hot... you can eat a piece but make sure your glass of water is full... and after you drink... make sure you add more water in your glass for the  next time lol

Then we walk again... and we stop at Nature republic... I think it's CN blue now with another girl... finally got my BB cream... maybe I'll try it tomorrow... we keep walking and end up in front of JJ's sister shop well studio...^^ you can have your picture take wearing Hanbok... bring the money!!! It's cost 70 000 Won but they do your make up and your hair... they you go for the picture but before they took it... you can have fun with your friend lol

That skirt was long.. very long... very very long!  How they could walk with this XD Ashley said they took small step XD the skirt is not suppose to move... screw that... I took my skirt and up we walk!!! much easy! Lol then you have to sit... it's low... if I sit I'll flip behind for sure... nah I was alright... now need to sit nicely... legs far away from each other... what that's not the way to sit ? Come on it's a huge long big skirt... nobody can see my leg are far away from each other... ok... sit nicely for Ashley and the girl who's taking the picture laugh... She probably see I'm not a girly dress girl! lol maybe^^'

Ashley took really good pics... to bad I already pay for my picture and I don't think they gonna like it if I said I didn't want my pic took anymore... lol

 The last pic was took I think between the ''official'' pic lol at first I was freeeeeeeeeeee but then I have like to make sure my back was straight and my face in some position and make sure my hands was correct... feel like I had a metal pole behind my back.  It wasn't naturel at all... lol but still did a good pic.^^

and then direction to Bukchon Hanok village. Oh my god I love those houses... it's old Korean house... they are so pretty... I wish I was living in Korea in those house... for some reason I'm crazy about the roof of those house! lol

For some reason I can't put more pics so... anyway it's easy to see how beautiful those house are...^^

Those steps look easy... but nahhh it's freaking hard... lol you won't run in those steps, trust me! lol

Then in the subway again ( I'm good now in the subway... I can go everywhere and I don't get lost! lol ) Ashley had to leave and I had to go back for my picture before 8PM

Ok... I know where to go... Ashley told me exit 6 like we did first... but... I'm bad... and on that map... exit 9 looks closer so... I got lost! MOUAHAHAHAH damn plan... they sucks! lol I walk and walk and saw like 10 000000000000 cops... damn nuclear summit! lol and finally ask 2 Korean guys to help me... I have magic power I think... I can found peoples who understand english... lol anyway they told me where I was on that plan ( actually it wasn't true XD lol ) sooooo I got back where I start... found a 7eleven but didn't go inside I ask the man outside... he was selling kpop stuff lol Didn't had time to look so... he told me where I should go and I walk again... found another 7eleven ... thanks god it was the right one this time... and... TADAAAA maybe I should take a pic of Jaejoong's sister studio lol maybe I'll go back this week lol anyway... upstairs for my pic... and back in the subway... outside after the ride back at my room... I walk almost in front of a subway... I love thoses subs so... got there, pay my dinner and left... then grab a drink and in the building where my room is...  MY FREAKING PICTURE!!! I LOST IT!!!! lol ok... no problem... I put everything in my room and out again... lol geez... I try first where I bought my lunch... ahhhh my envelop was still there! =D thanks Korean peoples! lol nobody touch it keke...

the end! lol

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  1. Hi, can you tell me where exactly is JJ's sister's Hanbok studio? Is it in Myeongdong? What's the name of the studio?