Monday, March 26, 2012

Ok I'm tired but I don't want have to do this tomorrow since well I'll have to write about that day... lol

Today I was thinking about going at the zoo but got up to late so... I went to 63 building instead!^^

It took a long time actually XD 30 min =D and I walkkkkkkkkkk thanks god my ipod was full charged.^^ in 63 building... ( now I know why they are calling that golden building... ) I start with the wax museum... they said something about kpop celebrity... bullshit! LOL well Korean wave stars... it's should be kpop right? lol anyway it wasn't.

Marilyn Monroe... don't have to put more pics for that right? lol you understand the concept lol

Then I went to the aquarium... it's nice^^ lots of fish there =D ( duh! it's a aquarium! LOL )

and then.... it was time for Sky hall^^ it was so high!^^ I enjoy the view from the 60th floor.^^

 I like that pic^^ I took it so people can see how faaaaaaar from the ground I was lol ^^

and before leaving, of course it's dinner time... I was thinking about eating something quick but they had a japanese restaurant there so... I ate Japanese ramens^^ it was good... not like those ramens I had in Japan but still good^^

Then walk back at the station... actually the sun was down... it wasn't dark but when the sun goes down... it's cold! XD lol in the subways it was full!!! XD for some reason I end up always far away from the door ... but lucky me everytime I have to get out I just follow peoples! LOL but it was full... it's crazy how full it was... but... I saw worst in Japan!^^

end of my day... =D Tomorrow it's gonna be warm outside so... it's zoo time =D if the weather is good! I won't stay inside for sure =D I'll see if the zoo in Seoul is like the one in Tokyo =D

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