Thursday, March 22, 2012

First day

Don’t know if I can call it my first day in Korea since I was there at 9PM but… anyway… Here I am in South Korea now.

No pics on this post cause I have no pics to show… in the next one I’ll take pic of my tiny room but not now. anyway I just got up and don’t feel like taking picture right now lol

Right now I’ll take a shower and run for a pharmacy for my cold so I’ll make it fast on this post.

So I left West Palm Beach at 6:10 on wednesday for Houston.^^ That airport is nice I think^^ and they got internet so I like it more lol it was only for 45min of free wifi but anyway lol

Then LA… no internet there lol oh wait I think I had internet but its sucks I was disconnect every 2 sec lol

Anyway since my flight from Houston was late…. Oh god… in the flight for Houston… the plane at one time was shaking so hard we had to old our drink… XD lol

Between LA and Tokyo I watch Inkheart, Jake and Jill and I think one other movie but can’t remember which one lol I had a old man next to me who was in a church group and people was coming to see him sometime XD one woman smell like poops… XD

In Tokyo I had all my Yen from my vacation 2 years ago so I spent it in useless stuff! LOL Chocolate, sandwich and POCKY!!!! Just ate the sandwich this morning and pocky last night lol

Get out the plane in Incheon, we had to take a train for the passenger terminal thennn walk for the border… took less time there that it took me in Japan… they don’t ask question at all here lol well you had to fill a little paper in the plane asking your address in Korea and for how long… she took my passport, and that little paper, my finger print, a picture and ready to leave lol

When I got out someone ask me if I need a taxi so I said I was looking for the train… not easy so girls… turn left and you’ll found the railroad lol

walk and walk aaaaaaand walk, buy my ticket and ohhh where you have to put your ticket… the 2 little plastic door… it’s Big Bang on it! LOL so I took the one with TOP and GD lol

Lucky me the train was there… Then I had to get out at Seoul Station and elevator until I get out, walk again and down again for the subway.^^ It was easy since I know where I had to go and which line I had to take. But one thing… getting out is not easy with suitcase… FREAKING STEPS! lol

Thanks god I had my plan for Bong House cause… one it’s far and 2 it’s easy to get lost. A nice old lady help me^^

At Bong House they was waiting for me since I send a email couple days before saying what time I should be there… he show me around and show me my room… my little tiny room… but god I slept so good there lol

anyway, now it’s shower time and pharmacy… be back on my blog tonight… ^^

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