Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Concert 2

Well me again!
Since I didn’t really talk about the concert in my other post… lol
Before I forget… I used to laugh everytime I was reading fanaccount… some was really funny when they talk about the fact that they couldn’t breath after they saw one of them, damn… now I can’t laugh cause I believe them! XD Like if you hit a wall or when you jump in the pool and the impact just take your breath away…
When I was still in the hall with all the fans I was like, yep I’m going to see them. It’s cool, I can’t believe it… Inside I was… I’ll see them soon… start to have goosebumps… When the first notes of Empty start… and they appear on stage I was… DEAD! lol it’s incredible the feeling you have when you see them … feel like that if I had to die tomorrow… I’ll die happy… 

Monday, May 23, 2011


Oh god! I still can’t believe I was there!!! lol So I left Freelton with my friend around 3PM and it Newark around 4PM I think.  damn parking are freaking expensive there! lol but we fail like hell cause couple minute after we park her car… we saw a 8$ parking! MOUAHAHAH we pay 15$

I call Annie just to know where everybody was. Military park but she couldn’t explain how to get there and peoples with her either and I couldn’t hear good cause everybody was talking but oh well. I was at the center and ask one girl if she knew where was the park she was just coming back from there so she nicely show us how to get there.^^ Jessica was really nice to come with us so, Jessica if you see this ( don’t think so lol ) THANK YOU! =D To bad for me they didn’t had more tshirt form OneTVXQ so I bought 2 from someone else. I upload those pic in my other post later.