Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Concert 2

Well me again!
Since I didn’t really talk about the concert in my other post… lol
Before I forget… I used to laugh everytime I was reading fanaccount… some was really funny when they talk about the fact that they couldn’t breath after they saw one of them, damn… now I can’t laugh cause I believe them! XD Like if you hit a wall or when you jump in the pool and the impact just take your breath away…
When I was still in the hall with all the fans I was like, yep I’m going to see them. It’s cool, I can’t believe it… Inside I was… I’ll see them soon… start to have goosebumps… When the first notes of Empty start… and they appear on stage I was… DEAD! lol it’s incredible the feeling you have when you see them … feel like that if I had to die tomorrow… I’ll die happy… 

So… Empty start… they are good, I mean real good. Their dance is perfect, no other word for that. Watching them make you think about all the hard work they got behind them. All the night they stay awake for some move they had problem on ( well except Junsu…maybe lol ) all the time they had to talk about some part, some move, some little thing they changed, all the little detail they talk about for make sure they show the most perfect show for us their fans. by the way I was thinking right now… Vancouver stage was bigger but oh well.. the  time they took for moving from one side to the other one in NJ was shorter! lol Big deal!^^ They could dance on a chair without really moving and I’ll still be happy.  Then was I.D.S I like that song… they don’t dance on that one so that’s maybe why I liked it cause when it’s not their part, they look their fans and Yoochun got that big smile in his face. The smile of someone so happy to be on stage, so happy to see everybody screaming their name, shaking their lightstick… So girls ( and boys lol ) screams your heart out for all the next concert… they make them so freaking happy… ( my throat still hurt so… for you girls on twitter who ask me to scream like hell for all of you missing the concert… it’s wednesday right now and the concert was sunday… hope your happy cause I guess I scream like hell for you! lol )
Then I lost it, sorry I can’t remember the order of the song in the concert! lol So… let’s talke about solo…
I knew what kind of solo Yoochun had before I watch it but it’s hard to be ready to see that… Maybe because I’m old or maybe because Yoochun is my one of my bias ( Junsu is the other one) but nah sorry watching girls half naked rubbing themselves on him… I don’t think it’s sexy. sorry!
Then when I was still watching I was thinking about the little girl I saw before getting in. She came with her mom, she was about maybe 6 years old maybe 5 not sure… just imagined 2 sec… the little girl asking: Mom ? why they grab is penis ?
I didn’t said they grab it but damn really close, then I was thinking how in the freaking hell this guy don’t get hard after that… lol I know I’m weird.^^
Then Jaejoong… he was perfect! lol The first girl took his tie… THAT was sexy! lol but maybe because I love man with tie… then another one took his jacket… it could be sexy if she didn’t smell it… WTF and then drop it on the floor… U go girl… that’s so not sexy! lol
And well… sorry Junsu I have nothing to said on you since I wasn’t really there… damn bladder! lol But I know he was perfect cause… that’s Junsu! LOL
The Dancer time was nice… guys dancer are freaking hot! less than JYJ but still hot.^^ Junsu looks like he freaking love Be my girl remix! When the music start, he got a big smile! I guess he love it cause he know audience gonna dance with them. I had fun… I’m not good when it’s time to dance, I fail a lots in that dance but damn I had fun! Junsu got his smile until the end of that song, Jaejoong and Yoochun to looks like they had fun too.^^ Yoochun talk a lot, well he’s the only one… the most english we heard about Junsu was… thank you! lol and Jaejoong didn’t talk to much either except one time he said something, can’t remember what but his english was good. Don’t know if he practice that line but he still did pretty good. The second time when Yoochun talk and ask Jaejoong if he want said something, Jaejoong shake his head and drink, then right behind Junsu was quick and grab his bottle and drink too! lol he he really drink to avoid the talking … I don’t know but Yoochun laugh on that! lol
On the album, Heyy girl… it wasn’t my fav, Empty is my fav on the english album but I have to said this… Heyy girl is freaking good live… I swear lol Now I don’t skip that song on my ipod.^^
Roh… Yoochun shoulder are…. wide oh god that guy is sexy like hell! lol but Yoochun and Jaejoong have no butt… it’s crazy… no butt AT ALL lol but Junsu well we all know his lovely duckbutt! lol Jaejoong and Yoochun are skinnies it’s scary…  They need to eat more… On some pictures sometime it’s look like Junsu is kind of chubby but in real… he’s not chubby at all, well for me he’s just perfect…
I had fun… real fun and I’m ready to do it all over again. They don’t come to much here in USA but you can be sure, I’ll be there next time. And I’m happy since my friend is now a fan, I’ll drag her again next year! LOL

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