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Oh god! I still can’t believe I was there!!! lol So I left Freelton with my friend around 3PM and it Newark around 4PM I think.  damn parking are freaking expensive there! lol but we fail like hell cause couple minute after we park her car… we saw a 8$ parking! MOUAHAHAH we pay 15$

I call Annie just to know where everybody was. Military park but she couldn’t explain how to get there and peoples with her either and I couldn’t hear good cause everybody was talking but oh well. I was at the center and ask one girl if she knew where was the park she was just coming back from there so she nicely show us how to get there.^^ Jessica was really nice to come with us so, Jessica if you see this ( don’t think so lol ) THANK YOU! =D To bad for me they didn’t had more tshirt form OneTVXQ so I bought 2 from someone else. I upload those pic in my other post later.

Met with the girls and one FANBOY!!! I’m so excited everytime I was seeing a guy there! lol ( sorry my writing sucks right now… lol ) well actually Annie found me first! lol it was freezing outside and those 2 girls had short on… I felt so cold for them XD or maybe that’s because I’m use to Florida weather! lol Got back at the center inside ( it’s warmer lol )  and wait.  I went back outside to grab my soda in the car cause I was thursty like hell and came back when everybody start to do the line to get in. but like 2 min later I had to pee so freaking bad… damn pepsi! XD so ask for the toilet and walk there… like 20 girls was waiting TT.TT so… wait in line and 3 sexy hot guys came by and talk to the security before going somewhere and came back by the same door… I told the girl behind me if she think they are dancer… THEY ARE!!! LOL I SAW THEM ON STAGE! lol

so we wait… and wait… girls was nice in the line but then I was like… we all doing the line for the girls toilet… nobody for the guys… one guy get out ( he went with new toilet paper lol ) so I ask him if we can use it cause well IT’S EMPTY!!! lol he start laughing ( kind of shy laugh cause didn’t expect that question lol ) and said they are not gonna let me get in… I guess he was talking about the security lol I wait little bit and talk with the girl behind me saying how stupid it was to see that toilet empty… every 2 sec I was looking at the door where the security was… I think he was suspecting something cause he was looking at us! lol BUT WHEN YOU NEED TO PEE… YOU NEED TO PEE!!! lol but to bad one guy came in. I told the girl behind, when that guy come out… I’m in!  SO you go girl! and she came too ! to bad only one toilet, she wait and said she’s gonna wait for me cause well if a guy come in… lol and ask if I can do the same^^ of course I’ll stay =D so again… Michelle if you see this… thanks for be the other silly girl in a men’s toilet with me! LOL  we get out and like the girls in line was staring at us! lol I said : come on girls! clean toilet! Only one there but no line! lol and I left! all of them look kind of shy about using men’s bathroom but… my bladder felt better after that! lol

Back in line with the girls! they finally let us get in! =D

at the floor, one lady show us our seat.^^ 3 nice Korean girls next to us =D Maryland, Boston and New Jersey ( hopefully I remember right where they are from… if not… sorry girls… TT_TT )
Before I forget… everybody was suppose to sing couple minutes before the concert Found you and another song… girls behind ask us about the song but I don’t talk Korean so didn’t know, I was the nice one next to me and she teach me the song… good for me I had paper and pen in my purse! lol so we wrote the song and I wrote it back for the girls behind me.^^ I start learning the song but we didn’t sing it TT.TT
Oppa Him nae se yo
Noo ri ga it janayo
Oppa him nae se yo
Noo ri ga itseoyo
So if someone read this post and goes at the 2 last concert… if they do the song there… you gonna know the lyric =D
so Then the show start… it was just the intro, nobody was on stage but fans goes wild! LOL THEN backup dancer show up… lol  and  Empty start… that’s when I die! for the first time ( yep I die many time in this concert! lol everytime I saw Yoochun smiling I die… Jaejoong and Junsu too… so if we had 9 lives… they are gone after probably the 5 first minutes of this concert! cause they smile a lots!! of course they look tired but happy to be there.  Everytime they are on stage they show their 110%. they are just the best! =D
Sorry if all of you want to know the order of their song… I can’t remember… I don’t want make mistake so for that look another fanaccount cause I don’t want people think that I made mistake cause if I miss one song and they saw the song a miss on another account… so… lol
Yoochun solo I was afraid of this one… with half naked girls with him rubbing him… but it wasn’t that bad… ok maybe except that hand between  his legs…  but what could I do… TT.TT my friend was surprise at the girls… she said they are all chubby with a big ass… lol their corset didn’t make them look good… not enough clothes on them … except at the end cause they had JYJ tshirt! LOL the best part for them I guess! LOL  Jaejoong said they add more girls for a sexy feeling… sorry but they didn’t had to do that… Korean girls was better… not that slutty and more sexy cause they are more pretty.^^
But still backup dancer did a freaking good job… yes I didn’t really like their clothes for the girls and some move from them was… to much… but they still didn’t do a good job… it’s probably not that easy to do that cause I’m sure they know how cassies are with their boys… sometime overprotective … maybe some hands on Yoochun was to much but DAMN I WISH I WAS AT THEIR PLACE! lol
Oh I talk about my bladder problem BEFORE the concert… my friend bought me a soda before the concert… so… guess what… jumping and screaming and well… I had to pee! lol in Junsu solo when he start upstair and start to get down I was like… fuck it I have to pee! lol ran at the bathroom and came back at the end of his song! TT.TT sorry Junsu! lol
JYJ talk twice in the concert… twice it was Yoochun! lol the second time was the best lol he ask Jaejoong if he want said something. lol JJ quickly drink water to avoid the talking… Junsu didn’t wait and drank too! lol so Yoochun was the only one talking since JJ and Junsu was busy drinking! LOL I guess they are still shy with their english. JJ said something in english but sorry can’t remember what lol Not because he’s english is bad it’s just… that concert is a mess in my head lol overflooding with memories! LOL
The dancer time was nice… damn those guys can move! =D one some girls… some of their move should be better with a pole if you know what I mean… XD but still they can dance too… or maybe they can move too… lol
after Empty remix they left… we start screaming JYJ cause well it wasn’t the end since they didn’t sang In Heaven yet! LOL to bad fans crack their white lightstick to early XD but it was still really pretty for In Heaven… some of them still had their red in the air but still beautiful^^
and then… we left… lol it was funny cause in the lobby or hall or whatever they call it! LOL if some peoples start screaming, everybody was screaming thinking it was because JYJ was coming out! LOL it was so freaking funny! LOL
On my way to the stair one girl was talking on the phone and was so freaking upset because those girls dare TOUCHING HER MAN!!! lol relax girl… first Yoochun is not YOUR man and second… its just a freaking dance!! lol maybe I understand if Yoochun was getting hard… then ok scream your heart out but so far… don’t think Yoochun got a boner on this! LOL
The end! LOL here a couple of pictures… not all of them are there… lots of blurry and I’m sorry… add more when my friend came back since she took the memory card… and I still have my flight tonight so maybe I’ll have to upload them tomorrow…

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