Saturday, April 17, 2010

So... me again... The restaurant was for Okonomiyaki. Don't know the name of the restaurant but anyway... We try Okonomiyaki and that's the place for!^^ It's Japanese crepes and it's so good... actually I think it looks like omelett! lol

So when you get there, they give you a table like this and start the plate. Vicky chose meat mix or something like that... she had chicken, pork and shrimp. Aline and I had bacon and cheese.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3 : ARF try to mix everything in this little tiny bowl!! damn it's not easy!

Step 4 : I didn't spill nothing!! YEAH! lol Time to cook now!

Step 5 :Everything look so good! But now we have to wait! Vicky's plate was so big... her Okonomiyaki was bigger! lol

Step 6 : It's already time to flip my crepes but before, I but some salt/pepper and Okonomiyaki sauce.^^

Step 7 : The best part! lol The eating part!! Mayonnaise on top and ... It's so good!!! Gosh I want some more!

After the restaurant, Aline left for the Ryokan and Vicky and I went to Shibuya 109... That's a towel with shop only for woman... bags, accessoiries, clothes... it's like 9 floors but that's small. Don't take to long for walk one floor. I guess they had something special there cause it was hard to walk... to many people there. after doing all the store and waiting for Vicky cause she buy her bag there, back to harajuku for walk a little bit. I found Avex artist academy... it's small... really small... they doing some construction or something like that... I can't believe I'll say it but... Johnny's building is better... T_T and bigger...

We walk in like 3 or 4 different shop where they sell idol pictures... They had so many different groups! lol all from Johnny's and Avex company. We had fun! lol

Vicky didn't try crepes yet. So we found a place so she can try.^^ I had chocolate with cheesecake and she try blueberry cheesecake. That's so good.^^ It's not my first time, last week I had choco-banana crepes.^^

After everything, time to get back at home. We didn't want to be late cause Ohno's drama was at 9PM ( we miss the beginning for another drama T_T ) it's crazy but right now I'm looking for 3 Japanese dramas! lol

Now it's 12:24AM for me... I'm tired so... good night !^^

Tomorrow it's Imperial Palace... but this park I don't care... I just want to see Junho showcase cause his brother is there we don't have ticket... T_T but that's ok I guess... maybe we'll see them anyway! lol
I'm back!!! lol

It's late... I'm tired but I have to write something right?

I didn't do to much today... We left for Meiji Shrine... I was happy cause it's a beautiful place and on weekend, we can see traditional Japanese Wedding. So we went to yoyogi station. The Shrine is next to the park so its normal if we get out at Yoyogi station since the park is Yoyogi right?

WRONG! lol we had to get out one station before so... back in the train again for the other station. But this time we had to found the right exit... walk in circle... ( we did that a lot in 2 weeks! lol ) Good think it's next to the station... Aline still have problem with her feet!

That's the door for the park around the Shrine.^^

That's the door for the Shrine... lol That's the same kind of door! I know but I like my door! lol

2 weddings today! YEAH!!

I want a Japanese weddings! Their dress are so beautiful!^^

And actually... I didn't enjoy this Shrine... I think Temple was better... we don't have to much to see...

Before the door, and if you want to enter the Shrine ( I didn't do it... XD ) you had to rince your mouth and wash your hand in this water... I know people are not suppose to touch the cup but... I didn't want take chance and bah drink without spill water all over me because I can't touch the cup... that's mission impossible! lol

And I took picture but I swear... theirs nothing to see so I don't put my picture here! lol You don't miss nothing... trust me!

We went to Yoyogi park too... and walk again... that's a nice park but I think sakura is almost done... we didn't see to many flowers lol

We went to Johnny's shop again cause this time Aline and I wanted some pictures and bah Vicky buy more pictures too! We went before going at the shrine... to many people so we need to wait for more that 2 hours... so we decided to start with the Shrine and the park. So after everything... back to the shop... This time was good... 30 minutes later and 2 pictures later... we left. Actually it's was impossible to walk there... it's so small and I hate that so I told Vicky which pictures to buy and I gave her money and left! lol I was waiting outside.^^

Aline's feet was killing her so we left for the restaurant after that. She ate with us and then she left.^^

Since it was my first time in this kind of restaurant... a new post is important! lol

Friday, April 16, 2010

The same nice club last night!^^

But god, this time we saw to many white people... We going out for Japanese guys and I feel like it was more white people...

Anyway... Since it was early ( 10:30 I think... or maybe 10PM ) so we had place and we decided we gonna stay next to the bathroom for make sure... one... if we need it... it's not to far lol and second... if Yamapi or someone like him ( idol lol ) is here... they gonna go at the bathroom for sure... so next to us... ( don't worry, we had a corridor between the bathroom and us! lol )

and I had a nice little place for watching to sexy Japanese guys^^ they work there so the had to pass in front of us a lot since we stay like in the middle of the club and like at my left that's the bar and right that's the VIP section. But one had to stay at the bar and do the drink with the other guy. Good think Vicky and Aline let me bring their drink so I had to go see him... lol

At the bar one guy ask me where I was from and how long I was here... he was cute but to short... sorry but I don't like guy shorter... bah he was taller but... not enough lol

Then another one came to me... asking if I was Chinese because I had a Chinese dress... lol So we start laughing and I told him no I wasn't Chinese ( people who know me... Did I look like Chinese? lol )

anyway so after I told him I wasn't Chinese, he ask me where I buy my dress... lol So I said USA lol He was so surprise! lol I guess for him it's hard to believe you can buy a Chinese dress outside China! lol

So after or maybe the Chinese thing... one guy came... asking where we are from... But this guy was like around 50... so I answer for Aline and Vicky... and we start talking french in front of him so he left... lol

Later... my cleavage make people talk again... lol One girl touch my dress, she talk Japanese so not sure what she said but I guess she like the dress and then said something about the front of my dress cause she but her finger there... lol again! lol twice with this dress! lol Guys was looking to... we can tell just by looking their eyes... one guy saw it... look again,,, turn behind him and tell something to his friend... and then his friend look too... AHAH never had so much fun! lol

I should walk with this dress everyday! lol

But the sad part... again this time we didn't see a celebrity... XD

Hopefull I'll see Junsu and Junho sunday.... let's pray together!!

We came back around 6:30 this morning... tomorrow we going ( don't remember where... lol ) but one thing sure... we need to leave early but we still have to watch Shige drama at midnight... lol
I'm lazy tonight... Don't know why... we didn't do nothing today cause we came back from the club this morning...

ahah thinking about the club make me laugh again...

Odaiba was the first place we go... I was going crazy there... I think I was ready to kill my camera... ahah

We left the Ryokan late because we didn't have to walk everywhere at Odaiba so... and Aline feet still hurt a lot... poor girl...I feel bad for her... tomorrow we have to walk... maybe we'll try to rent a bike for her...

anyway... lol I don't want to talk about tomorrow when I still have to write for yesterday! lol

So we left around 3PM, first stop, FujiTV... That's freaking big this place...

They had a observatoire in the ball... its to expensive so Vicky was suppose to go alone. Bah not the fact thats expensive... I didn't want to pay for it! lol

We walk in the gift shop looking everything... and we try to win a little blue dog... didn't work... lol

That's the FujiTV mascott!^^

Oh... yesterday it was freezing like hell... I mean really cold... and raining too... I'm surprise we didn't saw snow... lol

anyway... after the shop, time for Vicky to go up in the dog ball ( sorry but since their mascott is a dog... lol ) AHAH close!! lol They closed at 6PM actually the last trip in the ball is at 6PM but they stop selling ticket at 5:30... to late for that... We get down and walk a little bit... In Japan... it's dark around 6PM so when we get out, it was beautiful with all the city light... We start walking ( can't believe how much we walk since we are in Japan. ) AquaCity was other side of the street so we went there. THEN I start bitching! My camera was driving me crazy... Odaiba is a island... or maybe half island... lol anyway we have water between Ropponji and Odaiba and the Rainbow bridge between... So other side, we saw the bridge and far ( not that far actually lol ) behind... Tokyo Tower... the view was beautiful!

I think I took 15 pictures before having one good... T_T

Then... I never saw the Statue of Liberty... So... since they have one here... ( small one lol ) we had to take picture... This time... I took like around 20 pictures... I was ready to kill my stupid camera! lol

When I finally had one good picture... I decided to take another one with the bridge and the towel behind lol

I had burger/fries/onion rings for dinner... God it was good! lol ( Oh and McDonalds tonight lol )

After, it was time to go see Venus Fort. Arf this place is so beautiful. We didn't stay to long since its a shopping mall and bah it's hard to buy stuff when we are not going back in the room until the next day! lol

But It's so nice...

After when left for Ropponji... Time to dance a little bit! lol

This post is big enough so... see you in the next one for the club! lol

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


One last post and I'll be good until tomorrow... lol

I don't have a picture right now but Vicky's jacket is still wet so she's using a

anyway... yesterday its was only Vicky and I. Aline stay in the room cause her feet was so bad, it was or she was coming with us yesterday but stay home today or she stay home yesterday and come today... since we going out tonight in the club... she stay home yesterday! lol

We visit Temple this time... Last time we goes at Ueno, we miss the Temple by 30mins... so this time we had to stop at Ueno station anyway so we went there first.

I like this picture but I had to take it from outside since we can't take picture inside the Temple... XD

I try this... you give 100Yen, shake the box and take the stick... the number on the wood is one number on the wall... take the paper.. if it's badluck you do the samething they do on the picture... if it's good... you keep it... Vicky keep it... not me!

So this picture... lol I love dragon so I had to take a picture right?^^ Before going inside the Temple... you rince your mouth and wash your hand or something like that... everything is in Japanese so... hard to understand! lol

That's the Temple from Ueno... on my other post that's the same picture but guess what... this time the doors was open! lol

They do purification before going in the Temple... that's probably encens and they use smoke for the purification... I didn't want to cough like a crazy so I didn't try...
I'm tired...

Just wake up... actually I'm awake since 8:30 and now its 11AM lol But still tired. I like sleeping on my futon here but that's not really good for my back. And all the walking... my knees are DEAD!! lol Good think I have something for them!^^

Anyway... I know I'm late on my blog... I'm not only tired but I'm lazy too! Tuesday we went to Yokohama.^^ Damn it's so far! lol But nice place.^^

We visited Chinatown too... I think that's the first time I go there... Yeah I know that's the first time in this Chinatown but I talk about other place! lol Never really walk around Toronto, except one time but I didn't really visit the city and in Montreal... I think I pass really REALLY fast next to Chinatown... anyway in Montreal that's like a little street for Chinatown so... lol

This picture was for a temple... that's crazy but the first Temple we saw was... China! lol

This boat use to do Yokohama/Seattle before and after the second war... If I remember... 238 times. In the bay they had another big boat a cruise one, I think it's from USA or maybe Holland... the boat said America but Holland too... so don't know from where! lol But that's a big boat lol people was down for visiting. we saw one of the restaurant with the big gold stairs... wish we could visit this boat! lol Vicky and I start talking about where is our room... and with who! lol I can said right now... I have 3 rooms there and Vicky had 2! lol

That picture make me laugh everytime... It's lool like in some old western movies where the cowboy leave is horse on a pole when he's in the saloon... but here... that's a dog! lol this little one wasn't really happy to be there! lol

That's Rainbow bridge... I think I have like 5 pictures for this bridge... Xd

After that we went at Koyama's mother ramen shop... that's so small... I mean really small... didn't take to long before all the chair was take.

We walk a lot before going there... Vicky told us... it's like right next to the station after the rainbow... so... we get out... the wrong side! lol walk in circle... don't know why but since we are in Japan we did that a lot! lol Vicky keep saying we have to walk around the station since the shop is really close... we finally get the other side... AND found the rainbow...( taste the rainbow... sorry I'm thinking about skittles... they don't have that in Japan... T_T )

Don't remember the name of my dish but that's was good...

We leave the shop around 8:30PM... Don't know why but we came back around 11PM at the Ryokan... gosh... Vicky was like a zombie... lol

Monday, April 12, 2010

One last post and after this I'm good!

Yesterday we went to Sunshine city!^^ That's so huge! a big shopping mall!

I found my gift for my parents and my sister! I'm so happy about that! ohhh and I found something there... lol

COOKIES!!!!! lol Can't believe I found this in Japan! lol

I love sandwich here... lol

I'll probably gonna have more to said today since we are going at Yokohama and tonight we are going to eat in a little ramen shop who belong to Koyama's mother.^^ ( He's from NEWS! lol )

And bah... Yokohama is a nice little place where they do a lot of drama so... maybe... we'll see someone! lol

Sunday we went to Shibua and Harajuku. Aline and Vicky love Johnny's so we went there. I was waiting outside! lol That's not I don't like them but I'm not a big fan so... But maybe I'll buy a picture for Shige... that is drama fault!! He's so freaking sexy!

We walk in a street with all kind of shop... WOW It's was impossible to walk! to much people it was crazy!

The girl who was with us said something about a korean shop with I guess idol group from there... We had so much problem walking and since I'm not crazy about shopping... I didn't go but we are probably gonna go again this week so I'll go there.

This is what I ate before going back at the Ryokan.^^ Miso soup and... bah the other think I still don't know the name but it's so freaking good!

Still in saturday! ^^

I love Kit Kat... actually I love chocolate! lol So seeing all kind of kit kat... I had to take picture! lol

This chocolate was yellow! and so good! lol Banana flavor!!^^ We saw Sakura flavor too but I didn't buy it.^^

I love it when stranger ask us to take them in picture, so they take us after! lol The women ask Aline if she could take them in picture but Aline was confuse... Lucky for us I wasn't to far so I heard them.^^ I took the picture and they do the same for us.^^ I told the man I want the water and the sakura in the back.^^

The last picture... Come on... you can't go in Japan without using this toilet! lol Vicky is still freaking scare about that! lol

Took me 3 post for saturday but tada!!! I'M done with saturday!^^
So... like a said in my other post... saturday we went at Ueno Park. Just when we cross the street for the park... We saw this!! lol SO Vicky and I went crazy! lol Takoyaki! I ate this before but fresh made right in front of us... that's the first time...

I said before I didn't like octopus but I love it now! lol

Nothing to said about the zoo... just enjoy the pictures!^^

Lazy bear! lol

So after the zoo we walk and walk andddddd walk again! lol We saw so many food stand. To bad I wasn't hungry! lol Everything was looking so good!^^

Gosh since I hate to many picture in the same post... I'll do another one! lol