Monday, April 12, 2010

Sorry I'm late! lol

I try to write something saturday when we came back from Ueno but nothing was working and I was kind of mad about that!" lol and starting bitching about the computer around mindnight when everybody's sleeping... not a good idea! lol

And sunday we didn't do nothing special so I didn't write nothing and bah... yesterday I was just lazy! lol

So... We visit everything in Ueno park! Its so beautiful! The day was wonderful, big sun and everything, good thing I had my shirt in my bag so I change clothes there. We saw polar bear in the zoo! lol I'm so freaking happy about that!! I think last time I saw them I was like around 5! lol

This is a Tea house... don't know why they have this kind of house in the zoo... but I like it so I took a picture of that! lol

This was in the middle of the zoo too. Didn't get closer but don't think it was possible to go inside. The picture is not to good, maybe because of the sun. but the building was beautiful.

That's a Thai Temple or something like that. I just remember that's Thai! lol

Still in the zoo! lol To many people there so I just took picture outside. They have a bigger Temple outside the park so I'm gonna take picture there.

Another picture in the Zoo... They have so many temple there! lol But this one was closed I guess...

This is on of the gate for the Temple outside the park... guess what... closed!! lol We came to late! They closed at 4PM and it was like 4:30.

Another view for the Temple... We didn't had good picture cause everything was closed! lol

I have more picture but since this post gonna be big... I'll do another post lol

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