Monday, April 12, 2010


Still in saturday! ^^

I love Kit Kat... actually I love chocolate! lol So seeing all kind of kit kat... I had to take picture! lol

This chocolate was yellow! and so good! lol Banana flavor!!^^ We saw Sakura flavor too but I didn't buy it.^^

I love it when stranger ask us to take them in picture, so they take us after! lol The women ask Aline if she could take them in picture but Aline was confuse... Lucky for us I wasn't to far so I heard them.^^ I took the picture and they do the same for us.^^ I told the man I want the water and the sakura in the back.^^

The last picture... Come on... you can't go in Japan without using this toilet! lol Vicky is still freaking scare about that! lol

Took me 3 post for saturday but tada!!! I'M done with saturday!^^

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