Friday, April 16, 2010

I'm lazy tonight... Don't know why... we didn't do nothing today cause we came back from the club this morning...

ahah thinking about the club make me laugh again...

Odaiba was the first place we go... I was going crazy there... I think I was ready to kill my camera... ahah

We left the Ryokan late because we didn't have to walk everywhere at Odaiba so... and Aline feet still hurt a lot... poor girl...I feel bad for her... tomorrow we have to walk... maybe we'll try to rent a bike for her...

anyway... lol I don't want to talk about tomorrow when I still have to write for yesterday! lol

So we left around 3PM, first stop, FujiTV... That's freaking big this place...

They had a observatoire in the ball... its to expensive so Vicky was suppose to go alone. Bah not the fact thats expensive... I didn't want to pay for it! lol

We walk in the gift shop looking everything... and we try to win a little blue dog... didn't work... lol

That's the FujiTV mascott!^^

Oh... yesterday it was freezing like hell... I mean really cold... and raining too... I'm surprise we didn't saw snow... lol

anyway... after the shop, time for Vicky to go up in the dog ball ( sorry but since their mascott is a dog... lol ) AHAH close!! lol They closed at 6PM actually the last trip in the ball is at 6PM but they stop selling ticket at 5:30... to late for that... We get down and walk a little bit... In Japan... it's dark around 6PM so when we get out, it was beautiful with all the city light... We start walking ( can't believe how much we walk since we are in Japan. ) AquaCity was other side of the street so we went there. THEN I start bitching! My camera was driving me crazy... Odaiba is a island... or maybe half island... lol anyway we have water between Ropponji and Odaiba and the Rainbow bridge between... So other side, we saw the bridge and far ( not that far actually lol ) behind... Tokyo Tower... the view was beautiful!

I think I took 15 pictures before having one good... T_T

Then... I never saw the Statue of Liberty... So... since they have one here... ( small one lol ) we had to take picture... This time... I took like around 20 pictures... I was ready to kill my stupid camera! lol

When I finally had one good picture... I decided to take another one with the bridge and the towel behind lol

I had burger/fries/onion rings for dinner... God it was good! lol ( Oh and McDonalds tonight lol )

After, it was time to go see Venus Fort. Arf this place is so beautiful. We didn't stay to long since its a shopping mall and bah it's hard to buy stuff when we are not going back in the room until the next day! lol

But It's so nice...

After when left for Ropponji... Time to dance a little bit! lol

This post is big enough so... see you in the next one for the club! lol

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