Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm watching Shige's drama... Trouble man,... we don't understand nothing but we are still watching... Ryo is my fav in NEWS... but Shige... OH MY GOD!!! lol


Yesterday... thursday cause friday we didn't do nothing...

anyway... ( again... )

We start at Ebisu and walk in circle... maybe to much... lol We try to found Ebisu garden place by our own... but for me when Vicky show me the map, it was a park... so after we walk around and found nothing, we buy food and start to look

Can't found the park and everytime we ask they send us back the the Ebisu station... we found a little park and ate before trying again... after the second park, we start talking with a woman. Aline ask her first when Vicky and I was in the bathroom. lol I get out and start talking with here too, Vicky finally told me, she wasn't looking for a park with trees but the Ebisu Garden Place was a shopping area.. T_T That's why they send us at the station everytime... it was right next to it... T_T so we found the place, Vicky and Aline took picture cause the rock there was in some drama... but since I don't watch Japanese drama... I didn't took picture cause I don't care... lol

But for my little daddy... I took picture of this... lol

Sapporo and Yebisu are japanese beer. ^^

after Ebisu, we took the train for Roppongi. Vicky and Aline ate in the starbucks and drank coffee after we went upstairs where the sell DVDs and CDs. ( downstairs it was magazines and books ) They was looking around and I was listening DBSK musics! lol

We left the building and decided to look for the club ( it was really early since Aurélie told us she was gonna be there around 10:30 but oh well we start looking anyway! lol ) at first we didn't found it but we saw Tokyo tower so we start walking in this direction. To early for the club and the tower wasn't that far! lol

after the tower... back to '' search for the club''!lol

Its so crazy but in Roppongi, we don't see only Japanese there... they have so many differente nationality.

We finally found the club but can't go in because it was private until 11:30 so we wait and Aurélie finally arrived. Since she talk Japanese, we told her to ask for make sure we understand right.^^ little bit before 11:30... its party time!^^

I took Long island iced tea... I think the drink was better there... maybe because I'm in Japan! lol

at first it was easy to move but soon ... it was crazy! lol

little bit before we left, I was at the bathroom and one girl told me in her bad english, she love my cleavage ( not sure if the word is good ) ... and she put her finger between my boobs for make sure I understand! lol and then another one said she love my dress. but that one was better in english so it was easy.

We had to wait until 5:10AM for the first train.^^ when we left first kitchen ( fast food ) the sun was starting to get up!^^ Took maybe 45minutes between Roppongi and the Ryokan. We decided to eat and get some sleep... get up at 6PM lol

Tomorrow ( later this morning now... T_T ) its Ueno zoo and temple...

Gosh I love Japan!!!


  1. Hi, I saw you on DBSKnights' shoutbox and I saw that you came from Quebec so I kinda had to comment and randomly say hi!

    I was just wondering if the club you went to was Newlex? It kinda looks like it.

  2. Aish... I didn't saw this comment... lol

    Yep that's the Newlex.^^

    and for sure... I'll go again next time.^^