Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm tired...

Just wake up... actually I'm awake since 8:30 and now its 11AM lol But still tired. I like sleeping on my futon here but that's not really good for my back. And all the walking... my knees are DEAD!! lol Good think I have something for them!^^

Anyway... I know I'm late on my blog... I'm not only tired but I'm lazy too! Tuesday we went to Yokohama.^^ Damn it's so far! lol But nice place.^^

We visited Chinatown too... I think that's the first time I go there... Yeah I know that's the first time in this Chinatown but I talk about other place! lol Never really walk around Toronto, except one time but I didn't really visit the city and in Montreal... I think I pass really REALLY fast next to Chinatown... anyway in Montreal that's like a little street for Chinatown so... lol

This picture was for a temple... that's crazy but the first Temple we saw was... China! lol

This boat use to do Yokohama/Seattle before and after the second war... If I remember... 238 times. In the bay they had another big boat a cruise one, I think it's from USA or maybe Holland... the boat said America but Holland too... so don't know from where! lol But that's a big boat lol people was down for visiting. we saw one of the restaurant with the big gold stairs... wish we could visit this boat! lol Vicky and I start talking about where is our room... and with who! lol I can said right now... I have 3 rooms there and Vicky had 2! lol

That picture make me laugh everytime... It's lool like in some old western movies where the cowboy leave is horse on a pole when he's in the saloon... but here... that's a dog! lol this little one wasn't really happy to be there! lol

That's Rainbow bridge... I think I have like 5 pictures for this bridge... Xd

After that we went at Koyama's mother ramen shop... that's so small... I mean really small... didn't take to long before all the chair was take.

We walk a lot before going there... Vicky told us... it's like right next to the station after the rainbow... so... we get out... the wrong side! lol walk in circle... don't know why but since we are in Japan we did that a lot! lol Vicky keep saying we have to walk around the station since the shop is really close... we finally get the other side... AND found the rainbow...( taste the rainbow... sorry I'm thinking about skittles... they don't have that in Japan... T_T )

Don't remember the name of my dish but that's was good...

We leave the shop around 8:30PM... Don't know why but we came back around 11PM at the Ryokan... gosh... Vicky was like a zombie... lol

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