Wednesday, April 14, 2010


One last post and I'll be good until tomorrow... lol

I don't have a picture right now but Vicky's jacket is still wet so she's using a

anyway... yesterday its was only Vicky and I. Aline stay in the room cause her feet was so bad, it was or she was coming with us yesterday but stay home today or she stay home yesterday and come today... since we going out tonight in the club... she stay home yesterday! lol

We visit Temple this time... Last time we goes at Ueno, we miss the Temple by 30mins... so this time we had to stop at Ueno station anyway so we went there first.

I like this picture but I had to take it from outside since we can't take picture inside the Temple... XD

I try this... you give 100Yen, shake the box and take the stick... the number on the wood is one number on the wall... take the paper.. if it's badluck you do the samething they do on the picture... if it's good... you keep it... Vicky keep it... not me!

So this picture... lol I love dragon so I had to take a picture right?^^ Before going inside the Temple... you rince your mouth and wash your hand or something like that... everything is in Japanese so... hard to understand! lol

That's the Temple from Ueno... on my other post that's the same picture but guess what... this time the doors was open! lol

They do purification before going in the Temple... that's probably encens and they use smoke for the purification... I didn't want to cough like a crazy so I didn't try...

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