Friday, April 16, 2010

The same nice club last night!^^

But god, this time we saw to many white people... We going out for Japanese guys and I feel like it was more white people...

Anyway... Since it was early ( 10:30 I think... or maybe 10PM ) so we had place and we decided we gonna stay next to the bathroom for make sure... one... if we need it... it's not to far lol and second... if Yamapi or someone like him ( idol lol ) is here... they gonna go at the bathroom for sure... so next to us... ( don't worry, we had a corridor between the bathroom and us! lol )

and I had a nice little place for watching to sexy Japanese guys^^ they work there so the had to pass in front of us a lot since we stay like in the middle of the club and like at my left that's the bar and right that's the VIP section. But one had to stay at the bar and do the drink with the other guy. Good think Vicky and Aline let me bring their drink so I had to go see him... lol

At the bar one guy ask me where I was from and how long I was here... he was cute but to short... sorry but I don't like guy shorter... bah he was taller but... not enough lol

Then another one came to me... asking if I was Chinese because I had a Chinese dress... lol So we start laughing and I told him no I wasn't Chinese ( people who know me... Did I look like Chinese? lol )

anyway so after I told him I wasn't Chinese, he ask me where I buy my dress... lol So I said USA lol He was so surprise! lol I guess for him it's hard to believe you can buy a Chinese dress outside China! lol

So after or maybe the Chinese thing... one guy came... asking where we are from... But this guy was like around 50... so I answer for Aline and Vicky... and we start talking french in front of him so he left... lol

Later... my cleavage make people talk again... lol One girl touch my dress, she talk Japanese so not sure what she said but I guess she like the dress and then said something about the front of my dress cause she but her finger there... lol again! lol twice with this dress! lol Guys was looking to... we can tell just by looking their eyes... one guy saw it... look again,,, turn behind him and tell something to his friend... and then his friend look too... AHAH never had so much fun! lol

I should walk with this dress everyday! lol

But the sad part... again this time we didn't see a celebrity... XD

Hopefull I'll see Junsu and Junho sunday.... let's pray together!!

We came back around 6:30 this morning... tomorrow we going ( don't remember where... lol ) but one thing sure... we need to leave early but we still have to watch Shige drama at midnight... lol

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  1. lolll avec cette robe la, si tu avais vu Ryo, il aurait passé un commentaire c'est SUR ! lollll les japonais sont de petit pervers...:P