Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hi everybody!!!

Just wake up from my first night in Japan!^^

I had a blast yesterday! So...

I left Florida at 8:10AM and hit Chicago around 10:30 I think! lol this airport is so freaking big. I was in terminal 3 and its only for Americain Airlines. I ask for United Airlines and le lady told me I had to found the first terminal, and its far! lol but since I told my friend Vicky I was going to see her there... I walk!^^

at first I can't found her so I ask somewhere if they can call her... to bad for me she didn't heard but I found her anyway.^^ Little talking and I walk back to my terminal.

I had 3 meals in my plane! lol the first one was some kind of meat with vegetables and surprisly... that's good! lol the second one was my kosher and it's was good too. The last one, the lady came to ask me if I want another kosher or if I want pizza cause they had a extra one... so I took pizza! lol

get out the plane in Japan at 2:40PM. so easy to know where we had to go...^^ fill two papers and in the time I get to the exit, my bag was already there. Grab it and let's go to the first terminal for meeting my friends there.

oh... gosh Japanese in suit are sexy! lol


They saw me first. We took the skyliner for Ueno ( by the way... that's the train! lol ) and then... we had fun... We have to found how to get to the Ryokan... lol

First Vicky was talking about taking a cab... but I had the lady at the information center there... Taxi are so expensive here in Japan ( like everywhere lol ) so she give me a map and show me which train use and everything. but the thing is... how to get to the first train... lol someone show us where to go... so we get outside and walk... damn!! so many people lol

We had to found the blue line... yeah right... lol back to another information center... and we found the blue line! lol pay my 290Yen but when we had to use the ticket... that stupid machin didn't give me my ticket back... so we took one on the floor... lol it's was 190Yen... we get out the train and we had to use this ticket again... can't pass... lol had to pay again T_T but this time, we found the next line. Good thing for us, a girl around our age came to us and ask us where we are going. Since she talk in english I didn't had problem to understand. I told us about the line and the station annnd the Ryokan! lol Since she had time, she came with us.^^ Gosh the train was full... I mean REALLY full! lol

Rie ( that's her name^^ ) came at the Ryokan with us, she's so nice, we told her about the club thursday if she want come with us.^^ and I give her my email adress.^^

So time to get in the Ryokan.^^ more steps T_T

After, time to eat something... we found a nice little Chinese restaurant.^^ bah first we try to found the ramen shop on the map but we finish at the chinese restaurant... lol we ate dumplings^^

And to get back to the Ryokan... BUT before... time to buy some Japanese food... I finally get my pocky!!! lol

I didn't took picture outside the ryokan cause it's was to dark but we leaving soon so I'm gonna take some picture.


and... did I told you people how much I freaking love Japan! lol

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  1. hahahaah tu m'as trop fait rire !!!! japanese in suit are sexy !! Tu m'étonnes grave la ! lolll Je t'imagine trop marcher fixant tous les mecs japonais hahahah. Regarde devant toi Cathy!! :P

    Je suis contente d'avoir trouvé ton adresse de blog ! Ca m'en fait plein à lire, mais je vais tout lire et mettre des commentaires partout ! comme je disais, vous allez avoir l'impression que je suis avec vous ! hahaha
    J'ai hate de lire la suite du voyage !! :)
    et la je vais etre en retard a l'école....zut ! :P