Monday, April 12, 2010


Sunday we went to Shibua and Harajuku. Aline and Vicky love Johnny's so we went there. I was waiting outside! lol That's not I don't like them but I'm not a big fan so... But maybe I'll buy a picture for Shige... that is drama fault!! He's so freaking sexy!

We walk in a street with all kind of shop... WOW It's was impossible to walk! to much people it was crazy!

The girl who was with us said something about a korean shop with I guess idol group from there... We had so much problem walking and since I'm not crazy about shopping... I didn't go but we are probably gonna go again this week so I'll go there.

This is what I ate before going back at the Ryokan.^^ Miso soup and... bah the other think I still don't know the name but it's so freaking good!

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  1. Quoi ? Ai-je bien lu ??? Shige? Sexy ? Mais ma foi! Qu'est-ce qu'elles ont fait de toi! lollll La faute du drama hein....pffff Je pense que tu es de petite constitution! Et Yoochun lui? Et Junsu ! Hein?! :P lolll C'est des blagues, je suis contente que tu ais acheté ca et que tu sois un peu plus Johnny's ^^