Monday, April 12, 2010

One last post and after this I'm good!

Yesterday we went to Sunshine city!^^ That's so huge! a big shopping mall!

I found my gift for my parents and my sister! I'm so happy about that! ohhh and I found something there... lol

COOKIES!!!!! lol Can't believe I found this in Japan! lol

I love sandwich here... lol

I'll probably gonna have more to said today since we are going at Yokohama and tonight we are going to eat in a little ramen shop who belong to Koyama's mother.^^ ( He's from NEWS! lol )

And bah... Yokohama is a nice little place where they do a lot of drama so... maybe... we'll see someone! lol

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  1. Allo Cathy, tu photos des belles de, C'est le fun de l'ONU Comme site de l'AC, CA Permet UNO voyage de tonnes semaine d. Peux-tu tes amis identifiant? Il etait suppose en AVOIR UNE de France, UNE de Québec et Une du Japon, EST-CE SONT qu'elles La »Toutes les 3? Bonne fin de voyage, je t'aime: xxxxx Hélène