Saturday, April 17, 2010

I'm back!!! lol

It's late... I'm tired but I have to write something right?

I didn't do to much today... We left for Meiji Shrine... I was happy cause it's a beautiful place and on weekend, we can see traditional Japanese Wedding. So we went to yoyogi station. The Shrine is next to the park so its normal if we get out at Yoyogi station since the park is Yoyogi right?

WRONG! lol we had to get out one station before so... back in the train again for the other station. But this time we had to found the right exit... walk in circle... ( we did that a lot in 2 weeks! lol ) Good think it's next to the station... Aline still have problem with her feet!

That's the door for the park around the Shrine.^^

That's the door for the Shrine... lol That's the same kind of door! I know but I like my door! lol

2 weddings today! YEAH!!

I want a Japanese weddings! Their dress are so beautiful!^^

And actually... I didn't enjoy this Shrine... I think Temple was better... we don't have to much to see...

Before the door, and if you want to enter the Shrine ( I didn't do it... XD ) you had to rince your mouth and wash your hand in this water... I know people are not suppose to touch the cup but... I didn't want take chance and bah drink without spill water all over me because I can't touch the cup... that's mission impossible! lol

And I took picture but I swear... theirs nothing to see so I don't put my picture here! lol You don't miss nothing... trust me!

We went to Yoyogi park too... and walk again... that's a nice park but I think sakura is almost done... we didn't see to many flowers lol

We went to Johnny's shop again cause this time Aline and I wanted some pictures and bah Vicky buy more pictures too! We went before going at the shrine... to many people so we need to wait for more that 2 hours... so we decided to start with the Shrine and the park. So after everything... back to the shop... This time was good... 30 minutes later and 2 pictures later... we left. Actually it's was impossible to walk there... it's so small and I hate that so I told Vicky which pictures to buy and I gave her money and left! lol I was waiting outside.^^

Aline's feet was killing her so we left for the restaurant after that. She ate with us and then she left.^^

Since it was my first time in this kind of restaurant... a new post is important! lol

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