Monday, June 28, 2010

Last day...

Now the last day for my vacation... Sorry I took so much time to write everything... Gomennaisai...

So the last day... Since Aline wasn't leaving because all the flight was cancel ( volcano remember? ) she had to move in another room, so Vicky and I was getting ready to leave when Aline was in the office for another room. We didn't had to leave to early so after Aline move, we move with her! Lol

Later... time to leave... this time we knew where we had to go for the skyliner so it was fast... actually not that fast since we had to ask for direction cause we couldn't found the place... anyway it was faster this time... lol

Buy all the ticket ( Aline came with us ) and wait for the train. I liked this train... they gave us place with number like in the bus or plane but we still can sit everywhere... lol

It was funny, I was waiting to see where Aline and Vicky was going to get up to leave the train... I was smiling since they was ready to leave little bit to early. The first stop in the airport was the second terminal but Vicky had to go in the first one so they had to sit again and wait. Get out the train and start walking. And keep walking... damn we walk a lot in this airport... anyway I show Vicky where she had to go, we give hugs and Aline and I turn around for the second terminal since it was my flight there. Before we stop at the line where Aline was suppose to leave and ask some question.

In the second terminal, I found out that the plane from Seoul was there... at the customs border... so it's mean... Yunho and Changmin was there... not to far from ME!!! So we wait little bit longer there... but I finally have to go... didn't want miss my flight...T_T

Get in the plane after a lots of hug... Poor Aline, alone in Japan... but not for long since Vicky stay there for another reason ( that's my blog... Vicky wrote about that in her blog... lol )

Actually I had to wait so I walk around and look if I could by more gift ( I was looking for CD and DVD lol ) in one place, they play Tohoshinki best album... but NOOOOOOo they didn't have it in sale... T_T

In the plane, the guy next to me was so nice... he gave me nuts... lol a curry spicy mix.. it was so good!lol

I gave him cookies! When he gave me the little bags of nuts, he say I could spit it out if I didn't like it... but it was so good, didn't know curry was good... lol

We laughed everytime they bring us food... I had big plate and wverything and he had little one... like for supper I had lasagna, salad, juice, fruit salad, candy and chocolate mousse... he had some meat we didn't really know what kind.. lol

In Texas I miss my plane for Florida for some stupid stamp I didn't had in my passport... so I had to take another flight but the next one was the next day... so between 6PM until 7AM... I was doing nothing... except internet! lol I could sleep but I was alone and bah sorry but I really don't like falling in sleep in airport when nobody is there... lol I look maybe twice the board for make sure my flight was at the same gate... good thing... they changed it early in the morning...

I jump in the plane in time and people was still coming inside...I was sleeping... until everybody start leaving the plane... then I woke up! lol

DONE!! I'm finally done with my vacation... I still have some random picture to show you but later... I don't have time tonight... XD
I have more picture of course, but I really want to write another post so...

The Tower who get destroy long time ago ( look my post before, to lazy to write what's happening! lol ) and the view from the tower... and of course... Sakura... I love those trees! lol

Tea field...that's pretty... don't know if it's gonna change like if we gonna see more colours but right now ( when I took the picture lol ) that's pretty.^^

For the second place in the Garden... the one when Aline wasn't with us ( T_T) we had to get this ticket... and it's free... XD lol

Guard Post... The small one was actually at the entry, 2 entry for the garden so 2 littles guard post, the big one was the principale guardhouse... so when guard wasn't working... they stay there! lol

Honestly I don't know why those bridge can be in good condition after so many years... lol

That's the first thing we saw before going in the garden... I don't know why but I just love fountain! lol Japan have really nice fountain!^^