Monday, June 28, 2010

I have more picture of course, but I really want to write another post so...

The Tower who get destroy long time ago ( look my post before, to lazy to write what's happening! lol ) and the view from the tower... and of course... Sakura... I love those trees! lol

Tea field...that's pretty... don't know if it's gonna change like if we gonna see more colours but right now ( when I took the picture lol ) that's pretty.^^

For the second place in the Garden... the one when Aline wasn't with us ( T_T) we had to get this ticket... and it's free... XD lol

Guard Post... The small one was actually at the entry, 2 entry for the garden so 2 littles guard post, the big one was the principale guardhouse... so when guard wasn't working... they stay there! lol

Honestly I don't know why those bridge can be in good condition after so many years... lol

That's the first thing we saw before going in the garden... I don't know why but I just love fountain! lol Japan have really nice fountain!^^

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