Saturday, April 17, 2010

So... me again... The restaurant was for Okonomiyaki. Don't know the name of the restaurant but anyway... We try Okonomiyaki and that's the place for!^^ It's Japanese crepes and it's so good... actually I think it looks like omelett! lol

So when you get there, they give you a table like this and start the plate. Vicky chose meat mix or something like that... she had chicken, pork and shrimp. Aline and I had bacon and cheese.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3 : ARF try to mix everything in this little tiny bowl!! damn it's not easy!

Step 4 : I didn't spill nothing!! YEAH! lol Time to cook now!

Step 5 :Everything look so good! But now we have to wait! Vicky's plate was so big... her Okonomiyaki was bigger! lol

Step 6 : It's already time to flip my crepes but before, I but some salt/pepper and Okonomiyaki sauce.^^

Step 7 : The best part! lol The eating part!! Mayonnaise on top and ... It's so good!!! Gosh I want some more!

After the restaurant, Aline left for the Ryokan and Vicky and I went to Shibuya 109... That's a towel with shop only for woman... bags, accessoiries, clothes... it's like 9 floors but that's small. Don't take to long for walk one floor. I guess they had something special there cause it was hard to walk... to many people there. after doing all the store and waiting for Vicky cause she buy her bag there, back to harajuku for walk a little bit. I found Avex artist academy... it's small... really small... they doing some construction or something like that... I can't believe I'll say it but... Johnny's building is better... T_T and bigger...

We walk in like 3 or 4 different shop where they sell idol pictures... They had so many different groups! lol all from Johnny's and Avex company. We had fun! lol

Vicky didn't try crepes yet. So we found a place so she can try.^^ I had chocolate with cheesecake and she try blueberry cheesecake. That's so good.^^ It's not my first time, last week I had choco-banana crepes.^^

After everything, time to get back at home. We didn't want to be late cause Ohno's drama was at 9PM ( we miss the beginning for another drama T_T ) it's crazy but right now I'm looking for 3 Japanese dramas! lol

Now it's 12:24AM for me... I'm tired so... good night !^^

Tomorrow it's Imperial Palace... but this park I don't care... I just want to see Junho showcase cause his brother is there we don't have ticket... T_T but that's ok I guess... maybe we'll see them anyway! lol

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