Saturday, March 24, 2012


So I'm gonna write it right now right here... I won't post pictures of Bum's story here... I told someone else I'll write about it especially the direction to get there so I'll do it in another post... after this one... and anyway we can't really take pictures inside Crebeau Jeff ( Jaejoong ) MicKiss ( Yoochun ) and Crebeau Belle ( Junsu )

Well for Junsu you can take a pics of Bakira, Leo and Tigger but without flash and you can be there for only 10min cause it's to much stress... they way I saw them sleeping... don't think it's to much stress for them lol but everywhere on internet there is pics of them so... didn't took any.

So I met Ashley at Hyehwa station where I live and we went farrrrrrrrrrrrrrr away outside Seoul ( honestly can't remember where lol ) for Crebeau belle.... YYYAAAHHHH  it's close! mouahahah

So... I'm kind of depress since Junsu is my bias but oh well... I can live without seeing this shop... so back in Seoul but this time Crebeau Jeff... before we get there I was hungry so we get to 7eleven and I bought mix nuts... AISH it was shrimp flavor... XD but taste good actually lol

So we went upstair for Crebeau Jeff, his sister open the door holding JiJi as soon he get down he came to us, start smelling my fingers and... follow me around and staring at me lol I was looking at the goodies and Jiji just jump on the table and looking at me, I show him my hand again so he could smell it more and he start to licking my finger... I think he really like shrimp! LOL so girls... if you want attention from JiJi... eat shrimp with your finger... or just go at 7eleven buy some shrimp flavor, mix nuts! LOL YoYo was there too but didn't pay attention to peoples around him... he still looks like he hit a wall pretty hard! lol

Then we went to Dr Fish... or something like that! LOL ( right in front of one Black'smith restaurant... there is a big poster of Yoochun there lol it's so freaking cool there!^^ it's pack of people there, we actually had to wait.^^ after we got a table, we went to ask for something to drink, Ashley took a citrus tea ( I think lol ) and I took the Canadian thing ( gosh I can't remember the name lol ) but it was a hot chocolate with like cream on top, they make a heart shape with the cream lol after we drunk it was time for the 15min of Dr fish! lol seriously girls it's something you can't miss in Seoul! it's so freaking cool! lol so for 15 minutes you have your feets soak in water and like maybe around 15 small fish just poking your feets lol they kind of eating your dry skin. I was laughing cause it's tickle a lots! lol but your feet feel so good after that.^^

Then next stop, MicKiss for some Yoochun goodies... his aunt is so nice, she talk english and she's pretty too... actually I think Yoochun mom was there too but kind of hard to know with her hat on and in the corner... looks like she was there but didn't want the people to pay attention to her... sometime she gave me creeps cause she was staring at us XD

I bought 5 pics of him and I had one set of sticker... so with the sticker I got from Time Out Gelato yesterday... I'm happy lol his little poodle was there too... she look like my old dog.^^ same kind of dog but mine wasn't that chubby lol she doesn't miss meal that's for sure lol

Ashley told her about the Crebeau Belle and Yoochun aunt told us that they move in the next building to them! lol OMG both shop are close to each other! LOL so back outside try to found it... then back again at MicKiss cause can't found the place lol again back outside in the next building for Crebeau Belle! lol finally found it.^^

Bought pictures there too^^ and meet Junsu mom.^^ Oh my god she's so pretty!^^ and so nice too.^^ She was happy when we told her I was from Canada... just love the way she said Canada.^^ and She knows english... ok maybe not having a huge conversation in english but still it was easy to talk to her.^^

And I think the best for us is the fact that Bum's story is so close to both place... So it's like you get out at one subway station and you can do 3 places in the same time.^^

I'll talk about bom's story in the next post! lol

crapy pics but the left one is MicKiss and the next one is Crebeau Belle

I have now 5 pics of Chun, 5 pics of Junsu, 3 Chun stickers (free lol ) and the 4 littles dark thing are Chibi Jaejoong sticker.^^ oh and at Crebeau Belle they gave me a free poster of Junsu, a little cleansing cream and I had to pick a keychain... since it's in a bag and you can see it... I got Bakira.^^ but for the poster/cream/keychain I don't know if it's everytime or just because it was the grand opening in their new location...

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