Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Holy shit!

I'm so freaking sorry.... didn't know my last post was like almost 1 week before I leave Seoul...

Now I understand why I have people pushing me to write something! lol I'll do it fast cause I know THE post peoples want to know is Elisabeth... oh and maybe the one about me seeing Junsu ? lol

I actually don't remember the date and everything but I do remember the order so... be nice with me if I only have time to post my day at the zoo... lol

So... actually the zoo is kind of far from where I was... and it piss me off too cause If I remember right... that place is close to SBS building... which mean close to the café own by one super junior parents... so... ALINEEEEE TU M'AVAIS DIT QUE LE CAFÉ ÉTAIT A COTÉ DE SM!!!! >_< J'ÉTAIS A COTÉ PENDANT TOUTE LA JOURNÉE!!! XD ( sorry fr my french but actually... doesn't need to be translate! LOL )

anyway... it was early and in the middle of the week so not to many peoples ... great... lol

I don't mind to much people ( if I do... what the well I'm doing here or in Japan right? lol ) but at the zoo I like taking my time... you can't watch the same animal for like 10 min without moving if people wait behind right? lol

Some people was curious about me going at the zoo in Seoul... lol first I love animals... and second... I went to the zoo in Tokyo so... I had to try the one in Seoul right? lol I like them both but in Japan they had polar bear! lol

I ate something in the zoo... I didn't took a pic of it... something made with eggs and of course fish! lol actually it was good! Lol

they had a little botanic garden too =D

ok hereeeeeeeeeee is the pics lol

damn it! XD for some reason I don't my pics anymore on my laptop XD thanks god everything was already on facebook XD ok I found them but still kill me ... nothing work tonight so...

here's the link for my album on facebook... it's public so everybody should be able to see it lol

Korea 2012

actually maybe I won't have to do more post since in that album you can see traditional Korean houses... can't believe I don't remember the name XD I saw 2 palaces and the secret garden on the same day but can't remember their names... pics are in that album too... so... I'll jump on my last weekend in Seoul... lol in my next post! LOL

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