Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Last day in Seoul

So I finish packing late, veryyyyyyyy late! maybe around 2am ... maybe 3am... not sure... anyway my brain shut off at midnight... lol and I'm writing this post like 1 month after so...

anyway, got up at 7am since I had to meet 2 girls for breakfast at 8:30 ( eating a subs can be breakfast eheh )

Holy shit I forgot how pack subway can be early in te morning!!! XD

Got at the subway station really early, I was suppose to walk cause it's not that far from where I was but with that rain... nahhhh took me 1h to get there! LOL I was so late... thanks god they didn't left! LOL

First when you get in the station, you have to run with other peoples... or they push you... then you have to push people to get inside the train... then pray for make sure the station where you get out is the same freaking door you just got in cause it's pack... your nose is in the other person in front of you... pray for them to smell good! LOL

Then run again if you transfert... which I had to do... lol and wait in line.. pray again when you see how many peoples are INSIDE the damn train cause if they don't get out... you don't get in either! LOL so when the door opened... get ready to be squeeze... and walk and PUSH cause the people behind you gonna push you anyway. I fail to get in... it was like 10 people who try to get in and maybe 3 get out so... but I knew I'll be the next to get in! LOL and I had another transfert after that one XD

So after I got in the train I turn around to look the board... just to found out that the door behind me ( don't forget since I turn around I was now in front of the door where I came from lol ) was the one I had to use to get out... TT.TT lucky me I just had to follow the woman in front of me cause she was getting out there too... yahhh now time to run for my other transfert XD ( ok I was busy the night before and early in the morning way to tired to look carefully at the subway map cause I found a way more easy to get where I was going now... lol )

thanks god the next train was like almost empty! yahhhh a seat for meeeee so after it I walk faster cause my exit was like far away from the train... then I spot one blond girl ... I knew it was her then I spot the other one... Feel  like I was looking in a mirror... twinnnnnnnnn lol they said they don't look like each other anymore but for me they are the same lol can't spot the difference... =D

So it was cold outside... and raining... but the plan was to found that damn tea museum... then go eat... then got buy tea again ( the museum was open at 9am or 10am... lol ) so we end up in subway eating ... a subs... lol nice my last freaking meal in Korea was a subs... lol I should eat something from Korea and not from America XD

anyway we talk, and laugh and talk and laugh again... maybe to loud cause the guy came with a little paper asking us to leave... mouahahaha

we talk and laugh for like 2hrs there! LOL so back outside in the cold weather! LOL we found the museum I got my gift for my parents and my sister there^^ I was hoping for something nicer but anyway... then a little group of 5 korean ask the twin ( sorry can't remember there name... not even sure if I ask them their name XD ) if they can take a pic with them... lol at first they said no but since I told the Korean girl that I'll take the pic for them... lol

So it was time for me to leave for my place... I was late... I had to leave the room by 11am and it was like almost noon and I still had to go somewhere before... lol

back at Myeong-dong for goodies and my SKKs DVD at my guesthouse I was like sooo sorry lol but the guy said it was fine since they didn't need the room until th next day! LOL so I jump in the shower real fast and then run at the post office for send alllllll my goodies. If  was sending them from USA... probably big chance that I'll won't send them until...somewhere in the summer so... I had to send them from Korea and I was curious about how long its gonna take... lol

Damn... the lady there don't know nothing abou America ? When she saw South america on my envelop... she wrote USA I was like noooo it's south america! USA is in NORTH america XD she was totally lost XD so she look at another envelop... Canada was alright for her... then she saw another south america... I was like no USA and I show her one envelop for USA... I was like... this is NORTH and this is SOUTH... she was still lost but didn't touch anything else! LOL

I guess for Korean... America is USA and Canada only XD geez...

Then I had to run! LOL I was going to be late again... and been late for a flight... it's not good! LOL but since I'm lucky I made it in time =D I bought stuff for spending my WON... an then wait... I was thinking about which movies I should watch there... but that's sucks... only some tv and you have to watch what they want you to watch... so I had to watch the movie Hugo... I thought it should be good since well at the oscar this movie was the best one... it should be good... WRONG!!! it was boring like hell... so I slept... XD and I miss my breakfast! LOL

In San Francisco... I had to wait until 1:55pm... until I found out that it was delay until 3:55pm ... great... that's sucks... I hope I still gonna be in time in Houston... but noooo since the flight was delayed until then 4:10pm... I'll miss my connection in Houston... thanks god I had internet so it was ok for me since  was sending emails to my parents... I was suppose to be in West palm around midnight... didn't want them to wait XD

but I think the best was in San Francisco when I was waiting... this guy with his mom... he was just staring at me... but look away when I look... it was like the guy who think he saw a cute girl... BUT... HE WAS LIKE 15!! sorry little boy but... I'm to old for you LOL he was lik giving me the eye every chance he had and when he had to leave... he just like look at me again in the corner of is eyes... it was funny but again... no chance ... lol

in Houston like 2hrs after my flight... we had to wait for another flight and I had to sleep at the hotel... it was funny... the lady gave me a number and told me where I had to go and call and blah blah blah... I got down and ask at the information where I could call and she told  me I could call there... when I was waiting one guy show up and ask about the same thing... funny the lady told him to go at th phones boots over there and found his hotel in the list... then I had to wait for the bus and while I was waiting, I start talking with a woman who was going at the same hotel... then 2 others persons came... and found out I was the only on with a number on my paper... lol again they thought I was a poor young girl XD

The guy at the hotel ask me if it was ok a king size bed... DAMN give it to me!!! LOL so I still had to wake up early for my next flight... =D shower at midnight and then bed until 5am lol damn I was running everywhere for my flight...

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