Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Since I'm a good girl... ( ask Duddley! eheheh I'm a niceeeeeeeee goodddddd girl lol ) ... I'll write something about Elisabeth right now and if I have time tonight ( well later ) I'll write about THE day I saw my angel lol

So early on sunday, well... it was suppose to be early but where Ash was, they only have one bathroom so... I was early... not her... lol so we met at Myeong-dong station for a little bit of shopping again lol back at the bulgogi restaurant cause I was full after the first time so Ash bring me there again so I won't need to eat later since I'm short on money! lol ( she's the best! =D )

We left for the musical around 1:30pm I think ( lol ) cause we figure it's was time to go and anyway, we had nothing to do.^^ Actually I was kind of surprise cause I was expecting to be like the first one there... peoples was already waiting... for the last show of the night... lol

We went back again on shopping fun for Junsu gift and well trying to found flowers for him XD
Around a building with musicals and stuff like that... I was thinking to see a lots of flowers shop right? XD NOTHING!!! lol

we decided to go back and at the last second... I saw flowers! LOL we almost ran there, it was a spa building with a little flowers shop... but look close! lol one guy came and we ask him if you can buy flowers... he left and one man ( I guess the manager or something like that lol ) came and told us it was close on sunday. Ash told him we really need flowers for Junsu musical... he ask when we need it... lol I told him right now it's tonight! LOL Ash told him she can make the bouquet herself if she can so the guy call someone ( I guess the lady who work in the flowers shop lol ) and since Ash only ask for 3 roses... he let her do it and help a lots asking if we need this or that ... =D he was really nice...

so back at the bluesquare and wait... it's weird but during the musical, the people outside can hear everything... so we heard Junsu singing at the curtain call lol and here come everybody... I think I saw... maybe 4 guys! lol there is like 3 floors so maybe more guys but anyway... more girls for sure lol Since the girl next to my room at my guesthouse gave me her programm for the musical when she went 4 days before, only Ash when for buy something.^^

we wait a little bit on the third floor but we changed for the first floor since it was the place where Ash was going and more place to sit actually... lol 2 womens was watching us like REALLY watching us... I was about to tell Ash they was staring at us when one came to speak to us... she talked Korean so only Ash understand but when the woman told America and canada... I was wth she know where I came from XD after that Ash understood! LOL that woman was the one we met at Bum's story the week before! LOL small world right? LOL

Then one girl with a bag ask us if we love JYJ so hell yes we love them... she start giving us pics of Junsu ( since it was Junsu musical of course lol ) she gave a freaking good butt shot of Junsu to Ash but Ash switch with one of my pic =D ( did I said she was the best? LOL )

So time to go in... OH MY GOD SUN! it was fantastic! wonderful! I laugh, cry, smile and everything. Everybody was so freaking perfect! the little boy who play Rudolph when he was young is so good! when he woke up in the middle of the night because of a storm and sing... I had goosebump and start crying... without knowing what he was saying! LOL and then Junsu show up... lol I still cry actually! lol when Rudolph older sing to his mom in the mirroir scene... I cry again... and then he kill himself... Junsu first kiss! lol oh at the wedding... Junsu ring the wedding bells... and laugh... THE junsu trademark laugh! lol

When he walk on stage... the way he walk... is... O_O perfect? lol and in one scene when Elisabeth is writing something in her room... we finally get a perfect view on her bed and ... Junsu lay on it! lol like a lover waiting for the woman he love... lol with his shirt half open...

anyway, I just hope the gonna have a DVD of this musical cause god it was so freaking good!!!! Around the middle we had a break, I was suppose to stay on my seat but finally left to found Ash and like BANG... it was Junsu's father right there talking pics with fans. lol Ash talk to him little bit and he smile at me and just took my hand to shake it... I was in heaven... I met Junsu's parents lol

anyway at the end ( I love the word ''anyway'' can you tell? LOOL ) I went at our place to wait for Ash... I was on the third floor then so I could see everybody and I saw Ash in the stair and then turn around... so I went down to see her lol she turn around cause she saw Junsu's father but lost him when he use that door to go see Junsu and well Ash saw Junsu's mom too... so I guess she was back from Japan and when for the musical too.^^ or she came at the end...

we wait little bit and suddenly Ash had the feeling we had to got in the parking... so we went there and saw a white bentley... I was like... it's not suppose to be JJ's car ? lol we saw fans waiting at the other end of the parking so we start walking there but like in the middle we just decided to go back at the elevator... and then... saw Junsu getting in his car... the white bentley! LOL he was the passenger... lol they pass right in front of us then stop... back up cause the driver didn't went at the right exit... they like stop RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!!!  lol and then following them it was Junsu's parents! LOL

Oh god it was a perfect night! LOL

Ash went for her guesthouse and I left for my place.^^

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