Sunday, May 6, 2012

The day I met a angel...

So right after the musical I was going nuts on Twitter about it and well I decide it could be nice to bring some flowers to Junsu's mom since it was because of her if you had ticket... ( kind of )

Jump in my bed laterrrrrrrr for my last day in Korea...

So ( So and anyway are kind of my fav words to write... lol ) the next day ( monday for people who are already lost lol ) I went out for eat and in the same time I lool in 2 flowers shop just for the price and to know what I should buy... one little purple flowers pot got my attention... they was so pretty... and only 5 000 won so I decided I'll come back later for them.^^ It was early and Junsu's mom is around 3pm at the shop so didn't need to go there to early.^^

So like I always do... twitter was there for me the whole time! mouahahah

in the afternoon it start raining, I was kind of depress cause it's already cold there and with rain... it's worst! lol I was in my room with the heater on... really lazy... didn't want to leave... but someone on twitter told me to wait little bit so maybe the rain could stop... but it was almost 3pm, didn't had the flowers yet and it take around 40min to get there... so I left for crebeau belle.^^

Bought flowers and jump in the subway.^^ I was looking my watch maybe every 2 min! lol I was freaking out cause it was late and I was afraid that she was probably gonna be gone... and well I didn't know what time the shop was closing. lol

So I get out of the subway and went straight to the elevator direction 20th floor.  First thing I saw when the door opened was Junsu's father looking at me and then smile and grab my hand again... OMG I could believe it! lol He remember me from last night! lol He shaked a lots of hands, took pictucres with fans BUT he remember me! lol he show me the way to the shop ( I already knew but oh well it's Junsu's father! LOL ) Junsu's mom was right in the door open and when she saw me she had a big smile.^^ Glad she was happy to see me lol but then she look behind me and ask : ''You came alone today?'' lol the first time she saw m the week before I was with Ashley so I guess she was sure I should be with Ashley again right? LOL I was like no I'm alone today... wow so many fans this day... like 3 Koreans, and maybe around 5 Japanese fans... Junsu's mom dog was here.^^ damn that little dog is so small... I think Tigger is bigger... lol

and for some reason I get closer to the door, I have no freaking clue why since I was looking at the goodies 2 sec before but then I was right in front of the door when Junsu's dad came back... with JUNSU himself! LOL 2 of his friends was with him... sorry can't remember who it was... XD the Koreans fans just gasp for air and came closer to the door so I move a little bit. the 5 japaneses fans was confused so I told one of them... Junsu's here... OMG you should see her eyes! LOL She almost freak out when she told her friends about it... I move again a little bit so Junsu could walk inside, he smile at us but didn't really talk and left for one of the room in the back. ( for those who already went there... the door right in front of the corridor is the cats room and the next one... it's probably where Junsu goes when he come at crebeau belle. After he left for that room everybody was going nuts! LOL One Korean girl had paper in her bag so she gave it to I guess her mom and aunt ( cause yes one Korean girl was younger then me but the 2 other one was probably in their 40's ) lol the Japanese fans finish their goodies shopping and I just wait there like a ... lonely weird fan who doesn't talk Korean at all with a heart going 200km/h cause she just saw Junsu! lol

One of the girl who work there came back ( from where they put all the stock for sale.^^ ) with pictures of Junsu ( Dud... that's why you have that pic... I had it in double after I got his autograph lol ) so I knew we won't really see Junsu... to many fans so I knew he's just gonna sign all the pics for us... but it's ok... Junsu had sunglasses on and just by his face I could tell he was tired... so freaking tired so it was better... more quiet for him... anyway... having a pic of him is better then nothing right?

After Junsu went t see his cats, japaneses fans was waiting for it so they let them go see Leo, Bakira and Tigger.. the only one staff who talk english came to me and ask me if I was waiting for see them too. I told her I was here for Junsu's mom cause I had something for her ( I show her the bag ) but she said she was with Junsu. lol she ask me if it was ok for me to give her the gift so she can give it to Junsu's mom, I was ok with it so I ask her if I could write something. she gave me paper and left for the back ( where Junsu's mom was ) I was so freaking nervous, I mess up my writing like I wrote Jusu or thing like that... it was a mess so I was waiting for another paper and Junsu's mom show up with pics lol she gave me mine with a big smile in her face.^^  the one who talk english came to see me and ask me if I was ready for my gift but I told her I mess up the paper so I need another one, she smile and told me I could give it directly to Junsu's mom... she goes see her and they both came back together then she left so I was right in front of the goodies with Junsu's mom. lol I told her we saw the musical because of her cause she told Ashley to come at the ticket thing... and she was happy, even more when I told her it was really good and I cry at some part. lol She knew I didn't talk Korean or understand Korean so she was happy cause when  song you don't understand the lyrics make you cry... it's because the feeling is good and in a musical... if you cry without understanding the song... they are freaking good. lol

Then I gave her my gift, she open the bag and smile, she was happy, she took the flowers, smell them, put them on the table, then took them to another table always with a smile and thanks me. Then she saw her husband in the back and took off with the flowers in front of her to show him what she got. lol They both went in the room... I was like... oh god she's going to show them to Junsu O_O lol

Then I left! LOL We had to wear sleeper inside I had the purple one... ( no freaking clue why I just wrote that lol ) anyway I left outside, thanks god it wasn't raining anymore... Went back in my room without moving from my happy cloud... lol On my last freaking day in Korea... I had to finally met Junsu... lol

I spam so much about it on twitter ... it was like 2am and my bags wasn't ready... lol

Oh right after I came back from crebeau I found out someone saw on dbsknights I was in Korea right now and since both of them too they ask where I was... but saddly I was back in my room but since their hotel wasn't to far from my place and the tea museum I was suppose to go we decided to meet up early the next day... I had a lots of thing to do on my really last day so to bad for them they had to get up really really early.... lol

but that... it's in another post... lol


  1. Ok faut me dire c'est quel genre d'endroit XD .....Un goodies shop des parents de Junsu ??? Je suis curieuse ! En tk les parents de Junsu ont l'air sympa !!! Et puis ...ta vu Junsu !!! OMGGGG !!!! ^^

  2. a chier je peux même pas utiliser reply... baonnn Crebeau-belle correspond à Junsu, Crebeau-kiss ( maintenant MicKss) est pour Yoochun et crebeau-jeff c'est Jaejoong. en 2009 ils ont été partenaire ou un truc du genre avec les produits crebeau... ils en vendent pas ben ben maintenant, c'est plus un endroit pour acheter de goodies lol seul crebeau-belle vend encore des produits, c'est surtout la mère de Junsu qui tiens l'endroit, ils offrent aussi pedi/mani mais pas pour l'instant puisqu'ils viennent de déménager et n'ont pas les ptites personnes pour pedi/mani lol ( les anciennes employées à l'autre endroit n'ont pas suivie... elles étaient toutes célibataires car Junsu est leurs préférées lol ) viiii j'ai vue Junsuuuuuuu lol de proche proche procheeeee lol