Friday, October 22, 2010

new post lol


Actually I’m trying something… I change my msn this afternoon and well I’ve got this little ‘’Windows Live Writer’’ So I’m using it to see if its good! lol

Its suppose to be for everybody who want to write on their blog… so I try with this little post… if its good… I’ll keep using it… if not… well I’m not gonna using it lol


So the crazy one from Texas told me to use it and talk about duckbutt…


so let’s talk about Junsu! lol

Well it’s my first video! lol Aish no the second one since I use Yoochun before! lol

nevermind…. actually we can’t see his butt in this video…


that’s what I want for Christmassssssssssss

That damn kid need to stop teasing us with his butt!!


ok before I start drooling to much on my computer… I’ll stop! lol

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  1. Lol devja you love you sum junsu