Thursday, July 22, 2010

With this post, I'll finally gonna finish everything about my vacation in Japan. I had great time there, actually, I hope to go back in Japan soon. I like this Country for a long time now but with my vacation, I just fall in love with everything in Japan.

Can we fall in love with a whole Country ?

Yes of course...

At the moment hen I get out the plane, everybody was really nice. Some of them didn't talk english but they try so hard to help us. And the moment I get in the plane at the end... They make me feel like home. Even better...

After I left Tokyo I realize something... I live around cavemen... Seriously, people are rude here... They don't great when you come in the store. In Japan, they great you, said thanks and goodbye when you leave.

If you ask for a direction, here they gonna give it to you if they know the place you looking for but half of the time they don't have or sometimes even with their direction... you get lost anyway...

In Japan, they sometimes stop and ask you if you need help or they gonna take time to help you if you search for a specific place. Even if they don't speak english really well... They don't care, they gonna do everything for make sure you understand. They show you on your map and draw a plan for make sure you get what you want. And if they know some one who talk english better than them, they ask for more help so they can help us... Gosh they are so nice there!

We saw a lots of men with purse... it's crazy... now I think it's weird to see men without them here... lol You see a lots of men with baby... Sometime they had the baby and their wife had the diaper bags.^^

If they call for rain for the day, in the train ( subways to I guess ) everybody had a umbrella... well almost everybody... 3 littles weirdo didn't had one... guess who ? US! lol

They had all kind of toilet there... It's funny... the best one was the squat toilet... I use them twice I think... but damn... hen you had to go... you had to go right ? lol They are not really good for my knees but oh well didn't had choice... Other toilet was cool ! Some of them was normal but they had some of them with hot seat, water jet, vapor jet, noise ( flushing noise! lol ) plastic cover ( you just push the bottom and the plastic change eheh ) in the toilet they had kids seat so you can put your baby there until you're done. In some park, you need toilet paper... ( yoyogi park! lol ) So I guess that's why at every station, they had people giving you tissues... so... take them sometimes so if you need a public toilet... and no paper toilet... you still have your tissues... lol If you don't want squat toilet, try handicap one... they are normal !

Nah seriously... I can't wait to go back in Japan... I miss this Country so much...

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