Wednesday, July 28, 2010


It's almost the end of my vacation here in Quebec.

Everything start really slowly cause it was raining like every day! lol And my parents was working so... since I don't have my driver license... and anyway they only had one car ( no way I'll get up at 6:30 in the morning only for using their car! ) I was at the campground the whole week... pretty boring!

but last weekend I was in Quebec city with my crazy friends... gosh I miss them so bad! lol I think last time I was in the old Quebec its like... 10 years ago... maybe less but I know for sure since I'm in Florida every winter, I didn't go there so it's more than 7years for sure.

I wish I can show some picture here but I'm not on my computer so... sorry

actually I think I can put picture... but my camera is in my bag and my bad is in the RV and bah... I'm not inside... so and since I'm lazy today...

That's weird... since I use this blog, that's the first time I'm not writing something about Japan... euh no second time... but the first time It was my first post so damn I have to write something for introduce myself right ?

Anyway, my vacation gonna be over this weekend so next week... back to work!^^

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