Friday, August 13, 2010

busy, I'm busy!! So busy!!!

I feel like I'm singing Lonely from Akon! lol well... I hope it's Akon! lol... I love Youtube... that's really Akon!

Anyway... I don't care about that... I'm just so busy right now! Took me 2 weeks before I came on internet... well maybe 1 week and half ( the W on my keyboard kill me everytime I need this stupid letter!!!! ) anyway... yesterday I was like all evening looking my 600 and more emails! Today only 55... lol WOW I'm surprise!

Well I don't have to much to said!!!

Well forget that... last saturday I almost get down! lol I was training my horse with my boss et well this little *&%$?&$# was pulling so bad! And I was behing my boss so well... his front leg got stuck in the wheel so my horse almost went down... and bah if he get down... that's mean ... me too! lol But I don't know how but he didn't fell... my boss ( the wife! lol ) said the horse wasn't to pretty to look from the barn... she didn't know either how the horse stay on 4 legs! mouahah

anyway and for the second trip I hade so much trouble to hold my horse... this little rat pull so hard.. at the end, my boss was coming next to me and since he drove the 2 years old, I had to let him in... YAAAA try to make this little stupid horse to understand he have to let the baby win! I don't know why my arms are still part of my body! lol

and this week I train my 3years old at the racetrack with my boss... She was up on 2 legs because she was stupid that day... I had to help her in the middle of the track... this week wasn't my week! lol and tomorrow we have 3 horses to train... &*?%&(*?

Since my two friends have now their gift from Japan... now I can put my keychains! and my desktop... lol

Well only my desktop! lol don't know why my keychains are in my card and my card is in my camera mais my camera is on my desk at home! lol damn!!

next time! lol but still... we can see the keychain on the picture! lol

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  1. OMG thats soo cute junsu and *coughsamazingtonguecoughs*